Work Out Dilemma

The Work Out Dilemma is when you whine about your appearance when you're lying naked next to your husband. Then you keep telling him you need to sign up to the gym, you need to be more active. But let's be honest, the gym is expensive. 

My solution is to work out for free and working out should not be an errand. 
Exercise should be part of your daily routine. 

If it's not too dark outside I always walk to my destination.
Walking is so healthy and you will definitely discover new places in your neighborhood
that you did not notice before when you used to take public transit or drive your car.
Of course it's also eco-friendly & who doesn't like protecting our lovely planet?

Tips For Walking:
  • Make sure it's not too dark
  • Keep your phone close by but not in view
  • Bring a water bottle in your bag
  • Wear sneakers or cute comfortable shoes
  • Always remember to take the stairs
  • When you arrive home drink some water, use the restroom & walk your dog or take your children to the park; depending on the time of day of course

How do you incorporate a daily workout into your life without making it an errand/chore?

x o x o
Amela Sandra