The Examined Life

We live in a world which disables us from becoming who we truly want to be. 
Every individual is constantly judged for being themselves, but those who judge are most likely too afraid to be themselves and therefore see those who are open as being deviant because they lack the confidence to be true to themselves.

The truth is that no one is perfect.
The truth is that everyone has dark secrets.
The truth is that we all have a dark past.
We have all made mistakes which we can not take back.
Our decisions are a choice that we make.
We choose to make mistakes whether it was by accident as a result of acting quickly without thinking because we thought that there wasn't enough time to thoroughly think it through. However, we always have the option to make decisions and there are so many decisions to choose from, we just need to think them through and choose the right thing to do that makes us more real.

In a book that I've recently read by Nozick he dedicates an entire chapter to being more real. He asks "What makes you feel alive?" 
The question isn't just are you breathing? Are you eating? Is your heart beating?
It's much deeper than that, he is asking to examine our lives and the best way to do that is by examining ourselves.

It's too easy to play the victim or to point fingers and blame the world.
The truth is that we all have problems and maybe the problem with the world is you.
Your problems are released into this world and whatever energy you release into this world is what makes this world. It is a never ending reaction of decisions which we've made or failed to make. There is a consequence to what we do or do not do.

My point is simple, if you examine your life and find out what truly makes you.
What are the things that you do or that you want to do that will help you achieve a happier life? What is holding you back? 

The answer is, you.
You have the decision to make the world a better place by making your life better.
Once you examine your life you will find the darkness and from that darkness, you can bring light into your life.

How do you make the darkness better?
Well lets say that you're the type of person who enjoys seeing another person suffer.
It could be a conscious or a subconscious decision but either way you bring something negative and evil into the world simply by speaking ill of someone else.
But you can change this darkness by confronting yourself.
You need to ask yourself: What is the darkness in my life?
How am I hurting MYSELF by hurting others?

First start off by confronting this evil, why do you commit this crime?
What do you gain when you see another person suffer?
Do you feel a sense of confidence?
Do you feel like that is who you are?
Do you feel that hurting other people's feelings makes you a stronger and more powerful person?

Why would you do that to yourself?
Why be evil?

You don't have to be that way!
You can change yourself!
Anyone can change it is completely up to you whether you want to change or not.
If you choose not to change then you are only sabotaging yourself.

Change, will bring the darkness out of you.
It won't be easy.
Depending how much of a horrible person you've made yourself, that is how much more painful it will be for you to change.
It isn't just karma but it is a result of you carelessly letting yourself become the person your soul doesn't want you to become.

Do you remember who you were?
Do you remember a time in your childhood when you were kind?
Is there a moment in your childhood when you had found yourself at peace?

I remember when I was a little girl and I sat down in the sunflower field on a farm with my German Shepard. She sat down and observed the world with me, we would watch the butterflies float around and the sunflowers rotating in the direction of the sunlight. It was a magical experience. I was at peace. There was something beautiful happening around me, the natural world of freedom, peace and love was conspiring within me as I was surrounded by nature.

That memory is what makes me who I am.
Deep down I am still that little girl and she is always revealed to the world.
She is the innocent child who has hope for the world.
The world is a place of endless possibility of peace, love and freedom.
The harmony that radiates from that little girl's heart is still within me.

As for those who do evils to the world, if they had seen their inner child, and not the child who is angry with the world but the child who was once at peace until they were faced with troubles from those who did not examine their lives. 
Those who truly find happiness within themselves are the people who live a happy life.

Health is very important in our lives and happiness is the result of strong health.
If you spend enough time with the happiest people you will see that they take the least sick days. It's because their immune system is synchronized with their souls and their souls are happy because their minds are in harmony with their soul.

And so, Who were you?
Who are you now?
Is the person who you were then happy that you are who you are now?
Is it okay that you are now this person?
If not, then why not change?
The choice is yours.

Choose wisely, think it through.
Be at peace with yourself.
Make your inner child happy.

May Peace & Love Forever Go In Your Direction
x o x o
Amela Sandra



Have you noticed everyone is finally listening to scientists? 
Particularly: environmentalists and those who work in the environment with wildlife/marine life/etc.

Tuesday, April 22 is Earth Day  

That means I'm going to give you some of my tips on how to be eco-friendly.
Warning, we rely heavily on these things so be proud of yourself at the end of the day, or you just might be enlightened and use these new tips every day from now on. . .

Here it goes:
  • Unplug everything except your Fridge & Stove
    • Unplugging your stove can result in a gas leak or something much more dangerous so don't do that !
    • Unplugging your fridge will rot your food - EW!
      • What You Can Unplug:
      • Your microwave
      • Your radio/MP3 stereo
      • Television
      • Any cords that aren't being actually are being used unless there's an "off" switch and that would most likely be a multi-cord
      • Your chargers - they're eating your electricity 
      • Toaster
      • Channel box (cable box, TiVo Box, whatever you service you use... unplug it)
      • basically whatever is plugged into the wall is using electricity whether it is being used or not - this is why my electric bill is $40 a month - I unplug or switch off whatever I'm not using.

  • Go Outside:
    • Meet Your Friends somewhere, go out for dinner, go out somewhere and this is good for environment because you won't be hoarding electricity, you'll be somewhere with a crowd of people sharing energy, the same applies in these suggestions....
    • Communal Buildings/Areas Open to the public - go there, eat your lunch there, it's free, you'll people watch and again share energy
    • Visit a relative or relatives
    • Volunteer somewhere
    • Ride Your Bike
      • Just Go Outside! Do something! Don't use electricity or take a very much needed nap!

  • Transportation:
    • Use Public Transportation
    • Ride Your Bike to Public Transportation
    • Share a cab
    • Walk there

  • Donate:
    • Donate Anything you don't want or need, your trash is someone else's OMG! FREE STUFF THAT I SERIOUSLY NEED. (aka treasure)
    • You can also have a Swap Party or attend a Swap Event (you exchange your things with others)
      • Swap Style - swap your clothes, cosmetics, etc... online 
      • Real Simple Magazine's: Donate Your Used Items
      • There should be plenty of donation centers in your city/town or just ask someone you know if they or someone they know is looking for a trench coat/couch/dinning table etc... you never know.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more. . . .


Mommies & Daddies

Being a student is a very demanding commitment.
If you miss one assignment or lecture is very similar to missing the major pieces of a puzzle.
Being a student and a expectant mother #StudentMommy has been the most challenging event in my life.

Hi. I'm 20-something . . .
Your twenties are a time when you make all of the mistakes which you learn from and make you stronger when you're in your thirties and in your thirties you learn what you want from your life so that by the time you are in your forties you should be an established woman who makes smarter decisions. .....At least that's what I've concluded from the 40-something year old successful women in my life.

In my twenties I had decided that I did not want to binge drink every weekend, I just wanted to focus on my future. When I first met my husband I was a very happy single lady. I did not think of marriage but my relationship with my husband had begun to grow into something more serious. My husband has helped show me what my biggest and most silliest flaws were. He had helped me see who I really was and it was tough. It was tough because the world was not ready for me. Growing up it was very difficult for me to open up to friends and family but he has helped me overcome that. It was a huge struggle for me but I have persevered. Honestly, I am proud of myself and grateful to my husband for helping me open my eyes on the only thing I was blind to see, myself.
He has helped me, help myself. 
I did get married very young but I don't regret it at all. 

I guess sometimes in life as many professional and super successful women would agree that although timing is everything somethings just happen unexpectedly

When I got pregnant I felt the same way --- I felt that it was too soon for me to become a mother. Almost all of the most successful women I had looked up would say in their interviews that they did not want to have children simply because they did not have the time too. They had chosen their careers over their family. Luckily the world is changing now for women.

Husbands & Wives
Women can be women.
We can be successful at work, great wives and loving mothers.
It's not the men oppress women in society, it is because us women, we let society oppress us.
Each and every single individual regardless of gender has the power to influence and advance society. What was thought as "normal" in our society 10 or 40 years ago is not okay anymore.
Our world is becoming more and more open to the realities of the human condition.

Men like women also have roles.
I'm not saying that every man and woman should go out there, get married right away and have a family. But I am saying that not all men are the ones hanging at the bar looking for a one night stand. Some of them are just taking a half hour or hour break to go get a drink while they're "taking the trash out" just to get some fresh air because like women, even men are stressed out in family responsibilities and life.

I have met men who are stay at home dads and are very happy.
I also know some who are absolutely miserable. 
I have met men who were former stay-at-home-dads who as soon as they returned to the workforce they begin having an affair & other misfortunes.

  • Be a Great Dad/Mom
    • From my family psychology class I've learned that there is some sort of emotion that only a mother can feel that a father can not. I honestly believe that on the contrary men also have an emotion that only they can feel for their child(ren) that us women can not feel but most likely it was diminished thanks to "learned" behavior in society. When my friend's friend's friend told me the story of how her marriage collapsed when her husband went back to work as their son got old enough and he could trade up being a stay at home dad to being a working dad, I felt terribly. I am not sure if somehow her husband's self esteem went down because it was a new life changing event that he thought he could handle but couldn't. He had made the decision to develop a relationship with a younger woman and colleague. Regardless I am not sure why he had an affair on his wife but according to her he is still a great father to their child and they are friends. 
    • Before you establish duties amongst each other please be realistic and think of the challenges and remember that it's okay to change your mind in the process. You should never compromise your happiness just because you think you have to, there are many options out there. No marriage is perfect, everyone has their own problems, individually and together within the relationship as a whole.
  • Don't forget to have a life
    • Daddy needs some hobbies - THANK GOODNESS when you do your tax return - at least in New York State you get a refund at the end of the year for child care services - so daddy can take up a hobby once or twice a week for an hour or three (same goes for stay-at-home-moms) My classmate is a CollegeDaddy, when he isn't pursuing an EMT Degree he is a stay at home dad who also does Graphic Design freelancing from home. His wife is a full-time insurance company employee. They hire a trusted baby-sitter when they're busy building a solid future. They're also 20-somethings. 
  • Be Yourself
    • Remember my previous post about the woman who said marriage is like being boyfriend & girlfriend except with bills and responsibilities? Well I've been told that parenthood is the same way too. Don't lose yourself. Be yourself! Of course like every life changing event in  we naturally change certain attitudes and approaches to certain situations. But that doesn't mean that just because now you're a parent you can't go on dinner dates or have a Sexy Sunday where you and your spouse strictly have sex all day or half of the day. If I haven't mentioned it enough - Sex is very important in marriage
    • Be the parent you wish you had but be realistic about it. Case in point staying up till midnight and eating ice cream while being towered by every single toy you've said you wanted from the toy aisle. Yeah. Please don't damage your child like that because when they grow up they'll realize that if it's not money it's the intangible - you can't have everything you want & sometimes you get stuck with what you don't want. 
  • Learn Along the Way
    • Remember the time when you and your husband first moved in together and you were assembling furniture or trying to figure out where to put the television, couch, bookshelves, etc...? Remember the moment of silence because you were both thinking very deeply.... Remember when you placed the television by the window but then decided to put the couch there instead? And then you moved it again one week later until you both got frustrated and began arguing that you have too much stuff or that your apartment is too small or that you should replace the furniture or whatever happened..... Honestly, my pregnancy has been like that but my husband & I have managed to accept that we are Learning Along the Way. 
    • Yes. Despite all of those books I've bought and borrowed, despite all of the advice I've received whether I had asked for it or was offered it or was demanded to accept by everyone from my grocery store cashier to my mentors to my third to the fifth power distant cousin (which don't get me wrong I love hearing what others have to experienced & learned) but if you haven't learned this yet, maybe it's time you realize it now: we learn everyday & we "relearn" - we "relearn" & that my dear readers is when you think you know something so well but then as time goes on or as you experience something deeper you realize that there is more to it. That's why I've always believed that we are learners for life. Because No One knows everything & if they think they do... that's their problem.

What have you learned from your pregnancy?

x o x o
Amela Sandra


My Healthy Self

My Daily Healthy Habits:

  • Eat Healthy, Non Processed Food - in other words learn how to cook healthy food or if you really hate cooking find a very healthy restaurant & I'm not talking about a healthy hamburger place to replace your "eat hamburgers for dinner every day diet" I'm talking about eat 50% Vegetables, 20 to 30% Fruit & the rest should be fish, meat or poultry (if you're a vegan there are supplements at your local health store that have what you're missing when you don't eat meat, poultry or fish) make sure you buy NON-GMO Organic Food, don't eat too many fats, or oils, continue reading my blog posts on healthy vs unhealthy groceries for inspiration
  • ALWAYS HYDRATE - All of our vital organs (brain, heart, bladder, liver, etc...) rely on water to function how they are supposed to, stop drinking crap and drink water also those "flavored waters" or "water flavorers" that's all crap, if you don't like water then it's probably the brand of water you are drinking, there are plenty of water brands and they don't all taste the same unless your taste buds are dead, otherwise, they really don't all taste the same  - my favorite water brands are: Volvic, Jana and Icelandic - normally I drink 3 liters of water a day but now that I'm pregnant I drink twice as much  
  • Exercise - You don't need to be all fancy to exercise: do some basic yoga, there are usually many free yoga places, also you can borrow a DVD from your local library, use the stairs whenever possible, walk instead of driving or taking the bus/train, etc....
  • Daily Supplements  - Before I was pregnant I was taking vitamins essential for women's health from the SOLGAR brand, Solgar vitamins are all vegan & made from plants and vegetables - right now I'm taking prenatal vitamins and since I'm low on iron I'm also taking iron
  • S L E E P - Sleeping relaxes my mind and body - whenever I feel sick, stressed out, tired, etc... I go to sleep & when I wake up, I feel refreshed! This is also a good replacement for those of you who want to meditate but can't, go to sleep. It's almost the same thing to some extent. Tip: Don't over do it with sleeping, you also need to go out for some fresh air and sunlight.
  • Be Happy - Do things that cheer you up, talk to friends and family members that make you laugh or smile,  play with your dog, go buy yourself some dessert or flowers, go to a concert, go for a walk, read your favorite book at the park/library/bookstore/coffee shop, go window shopping, get your nails done, do something you've always wanted to do, etc.... 
  • Shower & Moisturize Routine - After I shower, I always apply moisturizer on throughout my body: my arms, elbows, entire chest, (now that I'm pregnant I use coconut oil from the body shop to moisturizer my nipples, not moisturizing them can sometimes cause they to get dry and crack which leads to infections) 
  • Have Sex - this is personal but the truth is, sex is VERY healthy, it's healthy for your heart and overall health, it also helps relieve stress; so the next time you and your husband are feeling stressed out, go to your bedroom, light up some candles, play some sexy or romantic music and make some amazing love (it isn't healthy if one of you has some sort of bacterial infection or disease on your genitals, that should be taken care of via primary care doctor or holistic primary care doctor)
  • Listen to Music - whenever I can't sleep or do yoga, I go for a quick walk whether it's around my college campus or around the block in my neighborhood with my dog, I always listen to my "PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS" play list which of course has exactly that type of music: music that is cheerful and usually about lovely things, peaceful things and happiness (I find it strange that some songs are called "My Happiness" and they are the most depressing songs ever, that's what I consider a 'happy song')

Thanks for Reading!
I hope I've inspired you with my healthy lifestyle! 
x o x o
Amela Sandra

My Weekend in HELL.

I would share my horror story with you but I don't feel like reminding myself of the experience at the moment. So I'll keep it brief and to the point: over the weekend I had possibly eaten something terrible, according to the doctors at the hospital. According to my OB/GYN I had suffered severe pain throughout my abdomen. I was given a prescription that had contained 5% alcohol. The nurses drew blood from me a three times, 21 blood sample bottles each time. Note if you are new to my blog or instagram: I was diagnosed with anemia during my pregnancy which is actually very normal and very common. It is also very treatable when eating a healthy iron and truly natural  sea salt rich diet. 

Honestly I had severe gas pain, I had more gas than usual and I had tried to burp it all out but the pain kept getting stronger. When I had arrived to the hospital I wasn't attended to in the emergency room until the people around me couldn't stand hearing me cry. YES. That is how bad it was. I was sitting at the end of my seat in squat position with my head down and practicing some slow breathing because the pain was so severe that it was making it very difficult for me to breath. 

The woman from the ER gave me a form to fill out, one of the nurses had already filled out a form but this woman wanted me to fill out another form. At the time I was in so much pain that I handed the form over to my mother. My mother filled out the form and answered every question. When she gave me the form to sign, although it said that she could sign it if I was too sick to sign it myself. I had reviewed the form and it was actually more a survey when I had told my mom not to give her that paper because it was not necessary and also ILLEGAL - the woman had circled questions like: 
What is your religion? What is your this and that.....?
Why the hell does she need to know my religion? 
I understand that there are some things in certain religions that are forbidden and what not but that should be a private question and it should only be asked by someone that the patient feels comfortable with to answer.

Anyway I was later admitted, I was stressed out because the woman from the emergency room said that the survey was mandatory. My mother was upset with me because she thought it was nothing but to me it was everything because discrimination goes a very long way despite code of ethics and usually no one ever suspects anything. Eventually I went into "triage" which is similar to the emergency room, they assign you to where you need to be for example: the dentist, burn specialist, delivery room, etc.... This was in the Labor & Delivery section of the hospital. The nurse was very friendly in terms of attitude but she was very aggressive with her actions. For example, she had stabbed and wounded my arms. Later a female OB/GYN had stabbed me multiple times to reach my artery, I have bruises to prove it. When I had told her that I didn't want to be "numbed" or didn't want certain things done to me because I was afraid for the baby she simply refused my requests.
Then I had asked if my mother could please be in the room with me and the nurse had asked the doctor while they were holding me down and poking the crap out of me with needles which was done on Saturday night and I still feel pain and have bruises from that night because although I did not move they felt that it would be a good idea to NUMB me with God knows what.
They also felt it was necessary to hold me down.
And they had performed things like checking my artery? For no reason.
The worst part was when the nurses and doctors kept telling me that 
"We would never do anything to harm your baby."
"We would never do what anything you don't feel comfortable doing."


"Family isn't allowed during the manipulation process." - what my Doctor told my nurse when I had asked my nurse if my mother can be in the room with me.

I was given something to "NUMB" me.
I overheard a nurse tell the other "We need to torture her with another large needle."
& of course they were talking about me because hey! guess who got pricked again and more blood was withdrawn. Me: Why are you withdrawing so much blood even though you know I'm anemic?" Nurse: Oh don't worry the doctor said it's fine and don't worry you won't lose that much blood. Me: This is very unhealthy for my baby! I am anemic I don't even have blood for myself and the baby and this is the third time you are taking blood samples from me within less than 24 hours. Who are these doctors that the other 14 samples didn't work that now they need another set of seven samples? Nurse: Doctor's orders. Me: Can I please speak with the Doctor. Nurse: That's not necessary. But I will get him anyway. The doctor said that he needed more samples because the other samples were too old. 


Also when they had performed the EKG they did not know what they were doing, I know this because on Sunday a doctor had told another doctor that the results were a mistake and that they needed to redo the EKG to double check. Later an internist saw me and after seven hours he had decided that it would be best for me to go down to the cardiovascular department of the hospital. I was prescribed a "prescription" for dehydration from vomiting, half of the prescription had alcohol.
I looked at six nurses and a residential doctor in disbelief 
"What is this a tequila shot or medicine? This liquid medicine is half alcohol. Are you trying to get my baby drunk?"
Anyway I wasn't contracting but for some reason I had a total of four different doctors insert their fingers aggressively into my vagina to check if I was in labor. Which honestly, there is no excuse for & no I'm not exaggerating or being too sensitive, it really freaking hurt! I had been to five different GYN's and two different emergency rooms in the OB/GYN. I also have two OB/GYN's - they're partners and frankly after this experience I don't trust them anymore. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about the entire situation. The hospital kept telling me that they don't want to let me go home because the results from my EKG were too high. OF COURSE THEY WERE!

4) THEY WERE MANIPULATING ME! TELLING ME: oh we wouldn't hurt you or the baby & we wouldn't do anything you wouldn't feel comfortable with

I'm already sick & in physical pain! Then you're causing me emotional, mental & MORE physical distress!? & on top of that internal distress !? That is just PIG POOP!

Finally I had enough of being asked the same damn questions by six different doctors in the cardiovascular department. I was also beginning to feel miserable because all of the doctors and nurses kept telling me that my results were normal and healthy. So I had everything removed by the nurse, walked over to the desk and said "I need to sign a release form." 

It took me an entire hour and I was beginning to feel light headed which is normal because I JUST LOST SO MUCH OF MY BLOOD! & I was severely dehydrated despite the saline fluid. 
We need to page this doctor and that doctor and blah blah blah. No one came.
So we finally had a doctor come down to sign the release form but she refused to.
She kept calling my OB/GYN to make her convince me that I should stay there.

Excuse me. I am not a science experiment.
I'm not a doctor but all of my results came back healthy. I was released from the hospital before then suddenly readmitted again & MOST OF ALL!


I can not stress enough that EVERYONE HAS TO READ THE BOOK: THE CHINA STUDY.

Now I have been to many hospitals before, whether it was to visit family or for myself.
Quiet honestly, I am very disturbed by hospitals in New York City & our country in general.

New York City has the most unethical health care system I have ever experienced in my life!

The hospital should be called the HELL-spital. 


Healthy Kitchen

Whenever my friends come to my home, they get very comfortable. However, I have never realized how secretive I was about my spice cabinets until I kept being asked if I need help in the kitchen. 

It's not that I am greedy about sharing my secret ingredients, rather it is just something that I simply don't want to share. It is my secret. It is very special to me. I feel like it's a surprise that you will never truly find out. It doesn't make me a greedy or bad person, it just makes me private. I know that my blog can get very personal but there are many things that I choose not to share with others. That's okay. People don't need to know EVERY SINGLE THING about my life or in this case, in my kitchen.

What I will share with you however is very important, this is from educating myself on American food and labels. Naturally as a European I know what is healthy and what isn't or how much of what is healthy, etc...  Especially since my family originates from the country-side and people from the country-side, at least in Europe know a lot about agriculture from trial and error and their neighbor's neighbor's neighbor's trail and errors as well as great great great great great great great grand mother, great x100 aunts, etc....

So here are my suggestions for HEALTHIER alternatives to whatever you think is healthy right now:


Vegetable Oil is NOT HEALTHY.
Olive Oil is HEALTHY.
(also it's cheaper to buy a giant container of Natural Olive Oil as you can use it not only when you're cooking but also in your salad)

Canola Oil is NOT HEALTHY.
Sunflower Oil is HEALTHY.


Just make sure to buy truly organic butter.


Maternity Chic: Out of The Day

By popular request, here are the details:

Yes! That is Fluffy Leo my pomerian-finnish spitzer hybrid pup.
My Outfit:

Top: INC. International Concepts 
Store: Macy's 
Price: $10

LeggingsLoft by Ann Taylor 
Store: LOFT 
Price: $18

Cardigan: Banana Republic  
Store: Banana Republic 
Price: $30

Boots: Hunter Boots 
Store: Lord & Taylor
Price: $105

Handbag is my Vegan Leather Handbag & the Necklace is handmade both will be coming soon on my etsy store or possibly my very own online store. You'll be updated shortly as I'm still trying to figure that out. The scarf is from H&M it was about $12. I absolutely love scarves from H&M they are so inexpensive, great quality and a classy classique.

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. More outfits will be listed as the warmer weather persists here in New York City.
Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you subscribe and get updated on every new post. I will also offer special discounts to my online shop exclusively for my followers. Have a great weekend!

x o x o
Amela Sandra

Book Club: The Hot Mom to Be Handbook - Two

The Hot Mom to be Handbook 
by Jessica Denay


The more I read this book, the more I love it!
So far this book has covered the most important concerns about pregnancy for the modern day mom: HER RIGHTS.

In chapter two Jessica Denay writes some great tips on how to keep your mind at peace. 

"Your child's awareness of her or his environment begins in the womb. That's right, even in your uterus your baby is picking up everything that is happening in your world.... Just as your body and mind work together you and your unborn baby are functioning as a unit." - page 58  

It's cute how she later compares the pregnant woman's body as a Mother Ship. On page 59 she writes:

"From the moment of conception until your nine months are up, your body is exposed to your database and interpretations of the world---and during this time your baby's brain is forming, memory is beginning to be structed, and emotional patterns are started. That means your thoughts, emotions, and feelings translate into molecules, mainly hormones, which flow into the body of your fetus. Life learning begins BEFORE birth...."

This seriously makes me rethink about the times I've been so stressed out over silly things. It seriously isn't worth it. This semester at college and work, I've been through hell and back. I don't even want to go there. It has just been a nightmare. I have been treated TERRIBLY by many people in my workplace and college the sad part is that those people were my superiors at work and staff at school. It's so easy to get discriminated for being pregnant. People don't understand that when you're pregnant you go through a lot mentally, physically and emotionally. 

When those people stress you out, no matter how hard you try some people are just evil selfish jerks. That stress doesn't only affect you, it also affects your baby. To me it's a form of child abuse! Yes! It is CHILD ABUSE!
The baby is not born yet but that doesn't mean that just because you can not see the baby does not mean that you are not hurting his/her feelings.

This is definitely true not only because it's my insight after reading those two pages but because from my personal experience whenever someone stressed me out, I would feel a lot pain. The pain would spread out from my back to my chest to my belly to lower parts of my body. At the same time I would experience a very terrible anxiety attack. If that is how I felt I could not imagine how my baby felt.

This seriously frightens me!
I think that people need to respect pregnant women more not because they are pregnant but because there is a little being inside of her that is experiencing everything she is.

Anyway, aside from that horror, on the bright side Jessica Denay comforts me. She writes how we need to adapt a sense of humor to EVERYTHING life gives us. It is so difficult to be strong but she gives some great tips on how to calm yourself when others are being selfish aggressors, as I find it to appropriately refer to them. She says that we need to drink plenty of water to hydrate our bodies, mind & baby. I am very fond of yoga and plan to make some YouTube videos this upcoming week on my prenatal yoga moves that I've learned. Jessica praises yoga and suggests to meditate peacefully when someone is attacking you with stress. 

Then she discusses that we need to stop smoking, drinking alcohol and cut down on caffeine or eliminate it completely. Towards the end of the chapter, like every chapter, she has a list & I just wanted to share this with you before you start to freak out like I did:

That's all for tonight, next week I will write about chapter three & my thoughts on it. Thank you for joining me on this post. Please borrow the book from your local library or purchase it at your local discount bookstore it's originally $16.99 but I've seen it for half that price at a bookstore in my neighborhood. They also have it available in eBook form on Amazon's Kindle & Barnes & Noble's NookBook.

Also my Oprah obsessed neighbor told me that this book was featured in Oprah's "Books Mom's Will Love" Another reason to join me next week for a book review. If you've already borrowed or purchased the book or have any questions - please feel free to comment below. Also don't forget to Subscribe to My Blog!   

x o x o
Amela Sandra