My Obsession with Bags

As many of you know I am a full-time student, who is involved in many activities.
I am also a wife, entrepreneur & freelancer.
My life is busy.

All of that has changed and continues to change in my pregnancy which I had discovered in my second month of the first semester in the Fall at CUNY. 

Pregnancy . . . .  is a lifestyle that you need to adapt to.
According to the CDC 48% of Pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. . .
So basically my life went from being heavily involved in multiple activities, working full-time, studying at the public or campus library for 4 to 8 hours a day. My husband & I barely saw each other. On top of that I was also taking some liberal arts classes that I wasn't required to take. I am so glad that I took those classes because I was very passionate about those topics: Psychology, Anthropology, Urban Studies, History, etc...

My pregnancy was my reality check in life.
In life we go through so many phases and stages but I have never been in such a phase like the one I'm in now. It is incredible. At the same time it feels like there's an imaginary hour glass in my mind that's telling me:





Along with everything else my style has definitely changed, I used to wear skinny jeans & heels everyday.
Now I wear stretchy high waist leggings from non maternity stores but my favorite brands which I will write about soon.

 - - - -  Listen, there is a stereotype that I really don't appreciate: "Married women dress like crap" that's not true. I have never dressed like crap in my life, even when I was a very poor and malnutrition child my mother and grandmother made sure to sew the most adorable clothing for me.
My first handbag was given to me by my mom and aunt, it had no brand name but it was my favorite and I wore it every day even to my first year of school. Until I got my first backpack, that's when I switched from handbag to backpack. Ahahaha. Oh little Amela, little fashionista.

On my thirteenth birthday my aunt gave me her Miss Sixty handbag which I admired so much!
When she gave me that denim Miss Sixty bag with a block of wood at the bottom, it was the happiest moment in my life. That was the moment in my life when I became obsessed with brand names.

At age fifteen I especially became fond of Christian Dior, for one we both share the same birth date and for the other because John Galliano was a genius. I mean I was a huge fan of couture since the first day Gianni Versace died in his Miami home. I actually cried when I saw the news coverage of his death on television. I was just a child yet he was a genius & I knew that he would no longer be around to share his brilliance with the world. 

But my handbag phase... that came in my pre-teen years by the time I was sixteen I had over 40 handbags. Some designer, some non designer but they were all trendy and everyone stared.

Growing up I've always heard the same question: What's in your bag?
What's in that bag? Why do you carry such a big/small/two/ bag(s)?
I'd always reply: MY LIFE.

because literally everything I need at the moment is in my bag.

What's in Your Bag?
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