Fluffy the Pom

Fluffy is my pomeranian finnish spitzer mix dog.
He is a complete sweetheart but something happens to him when we leave the house....
He becomes.... a dog. 
A wild dog.
A wolf maybe....
or in translation to human terminology: AHDH, spoiled, crazy, hyper, aggressive, cute & attentive.

Stereotypically pomeranians are for single preppy women who fall into the Paris Hilton type but not really. 
I bought Fluffy three years ago, I searched for an adoption center with poms but couldn't find one.
Now as they're more popular there are plenty of dogs that are ready to be adopted.
Yes. My dog came from a puppy mill but it was a home based puppy mill where the owners have multiple dogs that just get it on and then they sell them... Soo.. Yeah dog breeding is a business.

Fluffy's breed is hyper natural but for some reason he is just too hyped up all the time.
I had originally bought a dog because dogs and cats are motivating animals.
It may sound silly but they motivate you and cheer you up. 
When I used to have a cat I have learned from much from her. RIP Kiki 

I've actually found these cool images from the post: Things I've learned from my Dog
These mimis are so true sometimes we really forgot how to live the life we've always dreamt of
because we are too stressed out and Fluffy has taught me so much about life despite him being a canine and me being a homosapien.

Here it is: 



What have you learned from your pet?

x o x o

Amela Sandra