Self Love

Today is usually the day that I write in my journal.
I used to own a diary but my mean cousin would break the lock and read it.
So now I just stick to journals and a free diary app on my phone.
hhhhhha... the positive side of technology.

Journals are tricky.
Before I used to say "Oh well my day was pretty boring, I won't write in it today."
Actually, everyday of your life is important.
Everyday can be a miracle if you choose just always remember that optimism is a choice.
Writing in your journal every day at least once a day, any time of the day is wonderful.
It really helps me reflect. 
It also really helps me see my day in a different way.
The most beautiful part of journal writing is that as I grow I begin to notice everything 
that I have ever accomplished. It's very motivating. 

drinking green tea latte and writing in my journal via my instagram

Something that I've always had a problem with was expressing my feelings.
There are many ways of writing a journal.
For example the good 'ol way of like an episode of Clarissa Explains it All

If you need some help deciding what to write in your journal or what kind of journal you should begin, here are some links from a journal blogger & writer/poet: 

Blogger Deborah Watson-Novacek's Journal Writing Ideas:

  • Life Occurrences
  • Small Observations
  •  Writing About Family
  • Childhood Memories
  •  Poetry

Writer Bernadette Mayer's List of Journal Ideas:

  • Food
  • Dreams
  • Writing Ideas
  • Reading/music/art, etc. encountered each day
  • Finances
  • A history of one's own writing life, written daily
    Did you ever have a journal growing up?
    x o x o
    Amela Sandra