The Future of My Baby

Halle Berry had a natural birth

In a few months my very first child will be born into this world.
Like every mother, I hope for my child to be born, a healthy baby.
In places in the world not all babies make it.
According to the documentary, The Business of Being Born, the United States is the 
Why? They die from all those drugs and the way that you give birth to a baby.

I remember in Junior High when we used to watch birth videos in health class.
Those videos terrified me. Actually they made me promise myself to never have children.

(image of the popular birth in the USA the c-section)

Unfortunately for that promise to myself, after being married to my amazing husband for more than 3 years.... We suddenly had the news that I'm pregnant. That's when I began to watch natural births on youtube & the amazing thing was that those videos were mostly in the United States. Then I bough books about pregnancy. 
It's super important to inform yourself about your options for childbirth.
My choice is a natural birth, with a midwife.

Back to the documentary The Business of Being Born, in 2005 births through C-sections (cesarean section) was done to one out of three women. One of the midwives in the documentary mentioned that they only have every other 150th woman who seriously needed a C-Section. 

It kind of disgusts me that women think the choice of what type of birth you want is a status symbol. For me I keep two things out of trends: my health & my life.
The only time I follow trends is in fashion and hot new beauty products for my ever so changing skin. But birth for my child, Would I follow a celebrity? NO. 
My baby's life is not some trend. It's the birth of my child. 
However, Natural Childbirth is not strange in Hollywood.

Gisele Bundchen had a natural birth

I've been doing some research & I am more certain than ever that I want to have a midwife. As you've all seen I bought the book What to Expect When You're Expecting. There was a section on a single page about midwives but it wasn't very informative. It didn't give information like the documentary The Business of Being Born & talks with my relatives in countries like Switzerland who think hospitals are torture prisons in the United States.
If you want to know more about our corrupt medical care system just read the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, you will be shocked after reading this book.

Miranda Kerr had a natural child birth

I decided to call my insurance company and they said they don't cover midwives but they do cover partial costs of all of the drugs at the hospital that will make my baby higher than a drug addict. Seriously, when I think about it, I'd rather be in debt knowing that my child was born like every other baby for the past thousand years than still being in debt for drugging my child before it even comes out of my womb. I barely take advil for back pain & piercing headaches. It's horrible.  Hospital Births are a billion dollar industry. 
Of course they'd bad mouth natural birth & midwives & go far enough to pay the media to bad mouth midwives & say that it's dangerous and blah blah blah false false false.

Jessica Alba had two natural births

Cause they don't require drugs. 
It's just painful contractions, laying down in soothing warm water, breathing, standing in certain positions & getting hugs & massages from your husband & suddenly a few hours later, your baby begins to move out, NATURALLY, and suddenly out comes the baby and you hold your child in your arms straight away. Incredible! 
Here are some YouTube vidz that I love absolutely love!

Natural Birth: In Water

Natural Vaginal Birth: Listen to Your Body

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Good Luck New Mommies!
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