21 & Married

No matter what you do in life there will always be someone there complaining.
I'll admit myself, I've complained about Miley Cyrus dancing on MTV. 
Then I've realized how much I really don't care what she does with her life & cross my fingers and hope that next time I travel outside the United States that people don't assume that I'm going to go grinding on a married man.
I don't hate Miley Cyrus, I just don't want to be compared to her just because we're both American women. That's my point. Case closed.

The point of this blog post isn't Miley.
It's about decisions that women make.
We make decisions based on what we love, enjoy and believe in.
We also make decisions based on how to succeed or live our dreams.
Sometimes these decisions are also influenced by our culture.

Although I am an American, I am to the United States from Slovenia/Montenegro.
In Montenegro women usually get married in their twenties.
Culturally we believe that you should be old enough to know better but young enough to live longer and to be able to take care of your child while their a teenager, not the opposite. 
Scientifically, my Chinese doctors who also have cultural influences were pretty happy when they found out that I'm pregnant. "It's healthy this way, the child has less chances of being born with health complications because you are in your mid twenties and your body is strong and mature." 
I was a bit surprised to hear my Doc say that since in the United States it has become a norm to be thirty and have children. Which I think is pathetic.

I mean who the hell are you to tell me when I should have a child?
My body is ready. I've been married for 3 years & going strong. I am healthy. I am living my life except now I have a baby involved so I'll be living my life and making my dreams come true with my baby, husband and our dog.
My mom says she hasn't been so excited since she found out she was pregnant & last year we had a very serious breast cancer scare.
My grandmother is even more happy. She is very ill (heart disease, diabetes, asthma) and is dying, as she put it, my baby is her reason to fight harder to survive.

So what's the deal society?
Should I just get an abortion & tell my grandmother "Sorry grandma but the stereotype is that 20something year old girls are just desperate uneducated, unemployed young women who want to keep their boyfriend/husband around so they get pregnant & become hermits & die being Octo moms who rely on the government. Say goodbye to baby."

All I have to say is: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

This is the happiest moment in my life.
Yes. I'm getting fat. 
Yes. I have stretch marks all over my ars & boobs right now. 
Yes. I have morning sickness 24/7 & insomnia & randomly fall asleep & eat whatever is in my face unless it makes me want to vomit. 

Do I Care????
YES. Because I'm going become a blimp & I won't be able to run around & be as busy as I used to be when I wasn't pregnant but oh baby once you're born I'm going to make sure you have the best life I ever dreamed of for you.

That's what's important.
Not what you think or Cosmo thinks or those depressive lonely single women whose eggs have given up on them. No! Not You! Or Anybody!

I'm going to live my life.
My life isn't perfect & I'm not a millionaire but I am happy, in love & I've got my head in the clouds with my feet on the ground & my goals in the straight path. THAT'S WHAT MATTERS. 
My family is ecstatic! THAT'S WHAT MATTERS.

Thank You for Minding Your Own Life.

Amela Sandra