B-Friday Shopping

B-Friday, the day everyone spends their entire weeks paycheck or if you're like my family and I, you've planned this entire thing out.

Although many companies kept their sales for B-Friday a secret from their customers and even from their employees. I already knew what my plan was.

....Let's go back in time.

I never ever shopped on B-Friday before so I never knew what the hype was all about.
There were also many news reports about robberies in parking lots, people stomping on each other, people get robbed in public places and just.... so much negative news.

Then I got married and had no choice but to be frugal.
That's when I found out the truth about B-Friday.
It's really just a day when broke people and rich people a like get together to buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

The truth is, this is the best time of year to wake up super early in the morning and spend the money you've been saving all year for the upcoming year.

Today I honestly think that I've bought a lot more this year than last year.
The difference is that this year I’ve decided to buy things that I really needed.

Here is a brief list of the things I bought today: 
A printer/scanner $49 at Best Buy original price $200
Winter boots for my mom $99 at Macy's original price $280
Winter coat for my husband $55 at Macy's original price $165
Beauty Products $60 at The Body Shop (for mom & I) would have been $115
Sweaters and Necessities for my husband $46 at Banana Republic original price total $300
Long sleeve shirts, wireless bra, socks $30 at Gap original price total $118
Fashion boots for my husband $15 at Forever 21 original price $30
Shirts and two long stockings $20 at Charolette Russe original price total $68

Gifts for my favorite adults
Clothes for my family outside the United States
& a gift for my dog . . . I can’t disclose the price but it was super cheap!

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