Pregnant & Fit

Being pregnant and working out at the gym isn't something people usually see at the gym.
My experience is always the same, there are really nice people who give you space and are cautious of your bump. Of course I'm always very respectful with others and I don't use my pregnancy as an excuse to interrupt someone's work out. There are also some people who just stare at you... It's very awkward but I've learned to zone them out with music and TV or a book or a magazine.

Lately I've been working out about three to four times a week as well as dancing once a week.
This is the Sunday Samba crew I dance with, I'm not the best dancer when it comes to choreography but this is definitely something I think is healthy for me and my baby. 

My mother and every other mother I've met has told me the same thing repeatedly "working out will make your delivery easier." Along with "Losing the weight you gain from pregnancy is very difficult." Which is why I work out.

•Get an okay from your OB/GYN - my ob/gyn knows everything I do in my daily life
•Working out while pregnant makes me feel sexy to my husband & gives me energy
Exercise helps with easier child labor
Listen to your body - if you need a rest then rest

•Don't hold it in - go to the toilet if you have to, never hold, it in it's especially unhealthy during pregnancy
Stay Hydrated - bring at least two giant bottles of water & also refill at the water fountain

Use Manual mode when working out on machines
Slow & Steady wins the race - when you work out slowly your heart rate is calm especially since now it's beating super fast already so be careful & pay attention to your body and also when you work out slowly you literally tone your muscles at every inch!!!
•Avoid any work-outs that are specifically for abs you could potentially seriously injure yourself

Tip: Ask the information desk for the times when the gym is the least busy and incorporate that time into your schedule
Tip: Tell your OB/GYN what areas you want to work out, for example I work out my Upper Body: arms and shoulders only and my entire Lower Body 
Remember that this is a commitment and even a lifestyle - if you choose to be healthy then try to work out at least twice a week but remember to ask your doctor and always listen to your body, if you are experiencing pain from a scale of 1 to 10 ,1 being nothing and 10 being excruciating causing you to cry then anywhere between 5 to 7 you should take a rest or at 7 to 10 you should just call a day and instead stick to something easier like prenatal yoga classes or just walk
Tip: If you're going to walk for fitness create a destination, for the first two weeks keep the destination simple, one or two blocks then gradually keep walking further and further every day until finally you're able to walk 3 miles 

Hope Your Resolution Works Out! Enjoy your pregnancy ladies!

x o x o
Amela Sandra

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