Pregnant Style Winter 2013/4

Aaaaaaaaaaa....... Pregnancy comes with many new enlightments
Your body has changed completely as have your hormones. 
Now when you eat you usually get bloated. 
You also tend to grow bigger and bigger every single day
Between the hormones, hunger, loss of energy, endless aches, pains and other things in life, we also realize that our skin and style are no longer the same either. In my first trimester I was…. I can’t explain….. Honestly… In one word I felt terrible! I was very ill and weak. Luckily now I’m stronger than my first trimester, pregnancy is still difficult for me but I’m stronger and more energized now than before. 
Amongst those, my other problem was my sense of style - it was gone! Everything I own no longer fit me... except my work-out & lounge outfits.

My Prenatal/Maternity/Pregnant/"Fat Lady" Shopping Experience:
After a week of stressful wardrobe shopping I had realized that there was nothing cheap about maternity fashion. 
So I had decided to take matters into my own hands and buy nine pairs of leggings, 3 in black and the rest in different colors
My favorite stores for leggings are: Pink by Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21 and sometimes American Apparel (sometimes because they’re overpriced). 
Leggings from Victoria’s Secret are my absolute favorite because now the company has finally made their leggings more sturdy and thick so they don’t rip when you sit like a pretzel or reveal your underwear when you’re squatting properly to pick up your pen off the floor. Be careful when squatting, I’ve heard a myth? that squatting the wrong way is dangerous for your baby…. Not sure how true that is… But anyway, here are some other tips when wearing leggings: wear boy shorts like the ones pictured below, I own five pairs of the same underwear in black. They are very important because you never know when your leggings might stretch out so much they show your undies. Worst case scenario you are doing prenatal yoga and the seam from your buttocks rips a hole right in the middle.

The bra… Oh lady! As though I’ve never had a problem in my life with my boobs pregnancy is much worse. Worse because your boobs just get bigger and bigger also sometimes your boobs squirt out milk when you’re excited…. So that is humiliating! I have bought a pair of bras from Gap called GapBody Favorite Wireless bra
Also for the dry nipples use coconut oil or 100% organic shea butter right after your shower. Make sure ALL of your under garments are 100% Hemp or Organic if you can't afford Hemp although Hemp is the best quality - The Hempest has an adorable bra and underwear set  it's pricey but Hemp fabric allows your skin to breath and is muchhhhh! more durable than cotton.

Heels: wear them only on date night – IF YOU CAN WALK IN THEM.
Always have a pair of flats in your bag just in case and if your mama tells you not to wear heels… then don’t - flat boots and flat shoes are easier on your back and you won’t walk like a penguin which happens to me after two  hours in heels. 

Be careful with boots, sometimes they can be super slippery! 
Get comfortable heel boots to make your outfit a little more stylish – flats are best. Remember that Your outfit MUST be comfortable to you.

Shoe Tip: Get pads for your shoes, or buy shoes that are specifically designed for comfort. I always find comfortable shoes because my grandmother and mother who have lifetime experience in that sort of stuff have taught me how to choose the most comfortable shoes. But here are some popular comfort shoe brands that I adore: Clarks, sometimes Easy Spirit.... sometimes you can find cheap comfortable shoes at Zappos (link) and department stores like DSW (link) & Nordstrom (link) also have great selections

Again comfort is everything! Make sure that before you buy your bag that the weight is light - if the bag is heavy empty then just imagine how heavy it would be with all the daily essentials and JUST IN CASE things you put in there? Sorry but lifting weights is for the gym. 

 -- Stay tuned I will post a video soon on my YouTube Account very soon!
Until then . . .

Happy Shopping!

x o x o
Amela Sandra

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