Garden Vegetable Three Cheese Gluten-Free Pizza

Celiac disease is a type of food allergy, however this food allergy isn’t a walk in the park because it means you’re allergic to gluten.

What the heck is gluten?
Gluten is a type of flour that comes from wheat.

About five years ago I had met a much older gentlemen, he is a senior citizen, at the cafeteria section at a local organic supermarket. There weren’t any more seats available so I had asked if I could sit at his table. He was thrilled! As soon as I uncovered the meal I had bought he began gazing at my food. It made me feel a little bit uncomfortable – he noticed my reaction and we began talking:

Mysterious Senior Citizen: That looks really healthy!
Me: Thanks!
M.S.C.: I’ve noticed you’re eating the sabo noodles with cashews. I haven’t had them in a while!
Me: The noodles or the cashew?
M.S.C.: Both.
Me: So what’d you get?
M.S.C.: Vegetables. Quiet honestly, I’m still half skeptical that they really were organic. I always read my labels – ever since World War II had ended the food industry has changed tremendously and it wasn’t until the 1960s that I had developed celiac disease and allergies to nuts.
Me: MY MOM HAS CELIAC DISEASE TOO! It’s strange because in Montenegro and Slovenia she ate bread for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack. Just four years ago she had been diagnosed with celiac.
M.S.C.: Do you have it too?
Me: No. I just rarely eat gluten ever since she was diagnosed. It wouldn’t be fair for her to watch me eat something she had been eating all of her life and not be able to eat it again for reasons unknown.
M.S.C.: Didn’t I just tell you young lady that it isn’t her fault or your fault or my fault? It’s the food industry. It’s owned by major corporations that mass produce food in factories and are filled with pesticides that can cause internal organ damage and promote cancer cells.

        Of course at the time I had no idea what the heck Monsanto, the food revolution or anything like that. As you can imagine my jaw dropped and that was when I had learned about the benefits of reading labels (especially translating them) and TRUE organic food. I’ve especially learned to make most Monday’s Meatless and more vegetarian or sometimes full blown vegan. I’m glad to share my healthy, all natural recipes with you. If you or your family has a food allergy then I know exactly how it feels and I have tried my best voluntarily put myself in my mom’s shoes and let me tell you that one my first journey I had starved for an entire day because I couldn’t find anything healthy AND gluten-free. It’s a tough disease!

      Currently my mom and I enjoy stirring up gluten free dishes in the kitchen. She especially packs her lunch to work and surprisingly her Latino & Eastern European co-workers always ask her if they can have a taste of her unusual yet mouth watering home made lunch. So for those of you who are curious or if you're my loyal reader here's the moment you've been waiting for! We've decided to share our fresh garden vegetable three cheese gluten-free pizza recipe and you can either choose regular cheeses to make your pizza vegetarian or vegan cheese.

 It's so delicious I eat two slices at a time!

Here’s Our Mother & Daughter Recipe: 
Gluten-Free Garden Vegetable Pizza
(can be vegan or vegetarian)




to be continued . . . . . .. 

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