Natural Beauty: Target's Selection

When you think of vegan and eco-friendly beauty products you think spending your entire pay check on it. Think again.

There actually are beauty products that are inexpensive and some of my absolute favorites that are locally sold at Target. There is always some sort of sale going on at Target and if you get lucky you get to pay as little as half price for your purchase.

I’ve always been loyal to Aussie hair shampoo and conditioners but lately due to my pregnancy hormones, I have been getting dry flakey hair and Aussie hasn’t been helping. The women in my family, they ALL use Aussie shampoo and conditioner but I have decided to try the new and improved version of Alba’s All Natural Hawaiian Conditioner which is specifically for color treated hair. Alba Bontanica has no relation to Jessica Alba.

Unlike most shampoo and conditioner products that claim to hold your color in, they stripe it away because of all of the heavy chemical ingredients. I won’t get into detail of which hair products have disappointed me over the years because it’s a nuisance. I don’t want to remember how much money I’ve thrown in the trash on products that spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their products that claim to make your hair like this and that…. Blah blahh…. Then you use it and you’re like “Well that was a waste of $8.99/$14.99/$6.99 etc…. Okay no more bad memories of those liars.

Anyway, I have decided to remain loyal to my Aussie shampoo because it is just fabulous and really cleans up my hair nicely. The hydrating coconut scented combination of my Aussie shampoo and the amazing smell of plumeria flowers from Alba Bontanica Shampoo just makes me drift away in some tropical place. When I shower and use these products together I feel as though I am shower under a waterfall somewhere in the Amazon. Where all that surrounds me is pure heavenly nature of palm trees and purring jaguars and toucans eating mangoes. Oh yessss…. What a great imagery escape it is!

The other brand I absolutely adore is Pacifica, their creams and body washes smell delicious and make you feel as though you’re on some exotic island far away from your everyday stressful life. Yummmy! Everytime I use their super hydrating natural color tinted vanilla hibiscus lip moisturizer I feel like I’m dipping my feet into some sand on a crystal clear beach in Bora Bora. 

If you want some more inspiration from the products I have bought check out my video: via

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