How to Stay Warm - The European Way


If you've ever been to Europe or plan to or have seen photos like these: (Slovenia)

A typical snow day in Slovenia or Montenegro or Poland or Norway or England or France or Germany is freezing weather !
You could end up getting frost bite ASAP!
Don't believe me? This poor young lady in Chicago got frost bite after 15 minutes of being outdoors!
I hope she has a safe and speedy recovery! Be Careful Out There!
Fox News: Chicago Woman Gets Frost Bite After 15mins Outdoors

Get Current:
Before you curse the winter weather, remember that any extreme weather including excessive heat can cause serious risks to your health physically and mentally. So always keep yourself up to date with the weather. If you don't have a smart phone, then I suggest this very reliable website used by organizations The American Red Cross and FEMA:
They have the most reliable information and always up to date.
I've listened to them during a small Hurricane turned tropical storm and later during Hurricane Sandy. I continue to listen to them now and I even follow them on Twitter: or @WeatherChannel

Pregnant in the Winter:
The most crucial and careful moment in our lives.... Pregnancy.
When you're pregnant you have to be extra cautious with everything and that includes adapting to the ever changing weather. In the summer and winter women have to be extra careful.
Even if you're not pregnant in Eastern Europe all women know that our bodies are very sensitive.
If you're on your period or pregnant then you have to be extra cautious because you tend to get sick easily than compared to not being on your period, according to traditional Ancient Eastern Europe Homeopathic Medicine.

What a great work-out you've had!
You step outside and feel super warm because you've just worked out and your chunky parka feels like it has a built-in radiator.
That warmth won't last long and your sweaty body is the worst thing that will happen to you.
Sure you've burned about a hundred calories and feel pumped up to take on the world......
but... being sweaty and stepping outside or even stepping out with wet hair is going to get you pneumonia maybe not that very moment but it will eventually. 
Scientific evidence says, if I could find research to back this up it would be all the times I've done this and all the times I've seen it happen to family, friends and strangers (regulars who sleep at the gym).

How To Stay Warm with Class:

What to wear to the Gym:
Wear these super warm pieces over your gym clothes:
- Ski Pants
- Cashmere Sweater
- Thick Cotton Scarf
- Hat
- Gloves
- Thick Wool Socks like the kind on my etsy 
- Moisturizing Lip Balm
- Always Stay Hydrated! 
Drink some warm tea or a little bit of coffee.

& What I wear Over My Outfit of the Day:

Be Safe, Stay Warm
 & Have a Lovely Snow Day!
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