My Favorite Ingredients: Teff Powder

Being healthy is not some type of fad, it’s a way of LIFE.

 Teff also known as Eragrostis-Tef is a type of gluten-free wheat rich in germ and bran that grows in Africa. Teff flour is a great healthy alternative to wheat when baking if you have celiac disease, though it is a pricey flour, so you might only want to use a little bit of it when baking.
From my personal use, it’s also a great ingredient to add to your smoothies. I prefer it in my smoothies at a tea-spoon per drink because my primary doctor has informed me and continues to confirm to date that I have a deficiency in iron and other minerals. When I first discovered Teff Powder, I was in awe at the number of minerals it contains: iron, zinc, barium, thiamin, boron, copper, phosphorus, and magnesium.
I also make an extra smoothie with Teff flour for my husband since it’s also very rich in protein and amino acids. Protein and amino acids were historically used for improving tensions in muscles and helping them grow better.
So after a three hour work-out at the local gym, Eduardo drinks his favorite smoothie, that I, his wife makes. I’m such a nice wife huh?
#WifeyStatus #DomesticGoddess Indeed!

Where can you buy Teff Powder?
You can buy Teff Powder or Teff Flour at your local health food store or supermarket.

After buying a package of Teff Powder, you should pour the powder into a jar with a lid of appropriate size. My personal favorite that I have tons of at home is the jar from IKEA BURKEN Jar with Lid.
Please take a sticky note and some tape to write the expiration date. 
Unfortunately, I gave my mother some of my Teff Powder and she stalled on using it, a year later we found some terribly scary termite looking insects inside. So please write the expiration date and try to finish it at least five months before it's expiration date. Remember as I've stressed in my previous blog entry: in European culture, we only buy a small quantity of certain things and this falls into the category. Again, the only time it doesn't fall into that category is when you buy the first three times and by the fourth and fifth time it's finished by the fourth or sixth month. 

Does it REALLY work?
Unfortunately natural remedies and natural food doesn’t have the scientific evidence to back it up. Also everyone’s body is completely different.

I do however always suggest that everyone eat healthy.
Being originally from South Eastern Europe I was shocked when I emigrated to the states at all of the junk that my peers, other children were eating. When I had offered my friends apples in the cafeteria they were confused. The lunch ladies would let me have four apples since literally, no one else in the school wanted to eat them and they were tired of throwing food out. Over the years I am very proud that people in the USA are learning about the benefits of  naturally grown foods.

If you want to get healthy you really need to change your diet completely and make it as healthy as possible.
Remember that Being healthy is not some type of fad, it’s a way of LIFE.
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Original blog-post on Teff Powder/Flour was written and published in the Summer of 2011
Disclaimer: Please consult your health care professional or holistic doctor or a holistic nutritionist before eating certain foods or 
changing your diet completely.