Book Club: The Hot Mom to Be Handbook - One

The Hot Mom to be Handbook 
by Jessica Denay


This chapter starts out with Jessica discussing the first time you discover you're going to be a mom.
It reminds me of the first time I discovered I was a mommy to be.
I had to ask my OB/GYN if she was joking.... Quiet honestly I felt like it was all a prank and that my mom and husband would come into the room and cheerfully shout "YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'D"
But that didn't happen. . .  No.

I remember my mom waiting for me in the reception room...
I had a big smile on my face but my entire world came flashing right before my eyes.
My mom had looked at me in a way I have never seen her before, it was the first time in my life that she had expressed the emotion of uncertainty....
My Mom: So..........
Me: I'm pregnant.
My Mom: Oh My God!
Me: I don't know how to feel right now.
My Mom: Just know that whatever your decision is, I am here for you.

I had no idea what or how to feel. I was excited, my heart was ponding out of my chest.
I was involved with too many activities, I was taking too many classes, I had a full-time job with a strict schedule & no off days allowed. 

Everyone around me from the faculty at my school to my co-workers and managers kept telling me to quit. Which I have actually found out is illegal to do. There are many laws that protect women from this. Jessica begins to discusses this on page 36 "Preggo 9 to 5"

She gives solid advice on when to tell your boss you are pregnant and how.
Here are some good ones don't "Tell Everyone else in the office first and then tell your boss"
Don't "Complain about your morning sickness and sore back and toss in how tired you are"

Later on page 38 she has two titles Maternity Leave & The Law
I'm not going to give away every detail from the chapter because I highly recommend you borrow this book from your local library or purchase it at your local discount bookstore or ebook.
I don't like ruining books or movies for people. However the important topic I want to highlight that she discusses under The Law is the FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act) she writes that the law varies from state to state so I've done some research and here is the link to the Department of Labor: Federal vs. State Family and Medical Leave Laws  & then you have this wonderful website from the 

National Women's Law Center:

On pages 39 to 40 Jessica discusses the roles of Father's & Paternity Leave, so what does that mean for your father of your child? Here's a great article about Paternity leave from one of my favorite websites the Baby Center: Paternity Leave: What Are the Options? On page 40 she also discusses "short-term" disability insurance. Once again, The Baby Center has information on that Maternity Leave: The Basics that's why it's my favorite website for baby stuff. 

FYI: Jessica also has a mommy club which you can join via her website: Jessica Denay

Back to the book, in The Hot Mom-to-be Handbook, in chapter one you can also find information on:

  • How to Talk to Your Child about your pregnancy
  • Finding an OB/GYN who respects you and makes you feel comfortable
  • "Fact: Only 5 out of 100 moms actually give birth on their due date"
  • Bump on a Budget
  • Information on being pregnant with Twins 
  • Having a Baby Journal

I've purchased a baby journal at a local discount bookstore called Strand Books 
& I absolutely love it! I think it's adorable & it's definitely going to be a keep sake for my baby to cherish when he grows old enough to understand as a mature young man.

The journal is colorful, the illustrations are beautiful, it really helps us understand what size our baby is at the moment. Whenever we're in the kitchen together we say "Look! The baby is the size of an apple this week!" It's really fun!

The book also feature really cool questions in case you have no idea what to write.
There are also blank pages in each chapter if you decide to write a note to your baby.
It's just a beautiful personal book and it's been so great writing in it. 
The author Geralyn Broder Murray is such a sweet heart. We follow each other on twitter.
She writes the most adorable tweets. I am so grateful that she made this book, it's been real.

Check it Out :

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