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Whenever my friends come to my home, they get very comfortable. However, I have never realized how secretive I was about my spice cabinets until I kept being asked if I need help in the kitchen. 

It's not that I am greedy about sharing my secret ingredients, rather it is just something that I simply don't want to share. It is my secret. It is very special to me. I feel like it's a surprise that you will never truly find out. It doesn't make me a greedy or bad person, it just makes me private. I know that my blog can get very personal but there are many things that I choose not to share with others. That's okay. People don't need to know EVERY SINGLE THING about my life or in this case, in my kitchen.

What I will share with you however is very important, this is from educating myself on American food and labels. Naturally as a European I know what is healthy and what isn't or how much of what is healthy, etc...  Especially since my family originates from the country-side and people from the country-side, at least in Europe know a lot about agriculture from trial and error and their neighbor's neighbor's neighbor's trail and errors as well as great great great great great great great grand mother, great x100 aunts, etc....

So here are my suggestions for HEALTHIER alternatives to whatever you think is healthy right now:


Vegetable Oil is NOT HEALTHY.
Olive Oil is HEALTHY.
(also it's cheaper to buy a giant container of Natural Olive Oil as you can use it not only when you're cooking but also in your salad)

Canola Oil is NOT HEALTHY.
Sunflower Oil is HEALTHY.


Just make sure to buy truly organic butter.


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