Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Day

If you have no idea what to wear for Valentine's Day,
here's an Inspiration board. Wear a little black dress, red dress, white dress & sexy heels!
Don't forget about Mascara & Lipstick!
Those are the two cosmetics that a any lady truly needs.
Of course don't forget to wear a delicious perfume - wear the fragrance he loves the most.
Most of all, don't show him how hard you've worked to pull it all off.
The secret to being a Sexy Wife & Mama is to make him think it's effortless beauty!
After all, men do the same with us - don't be hard on him.
Laugh. Love & Remember the good times you've shared together.

I don’t know why many of this it to ourselves but once we’re married or have children we don’t feel sexy anymore. We stop wearing sexy clothes for silly reasons. If it’s been a while since you’ve shaved/waxed those sexy legs of yours, got your hair done, nails done, make-up etc… PLEASE, make an oath to me that this Valentine’s Day you will be a Sexy Mom or Sexy Wifey to your love of your life and dress Sexy!

You don’t have to go shopping if you’re broke or on a tight budget, just shop your closet. I’m sure that somewhere deep in your closet there is a pair of sexy heels! Bring them out! Wear that sexy dress that you’ve bought just in case for a sexy-special occasion. The truth is, your husband is dying to see you look sexy again. It’s the Best Free Valentine’s Day gift you can do for him and for yourself.

You will feel confident and beautiful! If you think dressing up is about putting some clothes on, then what the heck happened to you? What ever happened to that foxy lady your husband met years ago? Since when the hell did we sign a contract once married or pregnant that stated “Dress like a hobo, never wax your eyebrows, wear heels or mascara ever again oh and if your skin is dry it’s okay, you’re not allowed to use moisturizers of any kind….. Must wear sweat pants 24/7 & granny panties. Oh & Have sex once a year any more than that and we will hunt you down!”

Seriously? I keep hearing women talk about “Buy this!” “I hope he gets me a diamond.” And chocolate, wait…. I want chocolate. But that’s besides the point. The point is, Valentine’s Day is not about what you have, don’t have or what you want. It’s about LOVE! LOVE YOURSELF! You are beautiful! Take care of yourself! Pamper yourself! You don’t need to be a millionaire to look stylish or beautiful. All you need is: Taste, Confidence & a Smile!

This Valentine’s Day do something different without being different: Be the Woman Your Husband fell in love with! 

Happy Sexy Valentine's Day!

Amela Sandra

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