Time vs. Success


Time is survival

Time is fashion

Time is culture

Time is patience

Time is rushed

Time is opportunity

Time is rushed .
-Amela Sandra

My little poem on time is another way of expressing how I feel about time which I think many people can relate to.

I've heard people brag and complain about their time.
It can be annoying but the most annoying is when people complain about my time.

I am not in a race with anyone,
I am strolling down the world of endless opportunities.

I am not in a race with anyone,
I am focused on my well being.

I am not in a race with anyone,
time is short but so is life.

That's exactly what I tell my family, friends and anyone else who has something smart to say about my time. 

The thing is, there isn't really enough time.
There are so many opportunities out there... Sometimes those opportunities turn to failures, mistakes or in brief.... they're a waste of time.

I don't regret the time it took for me to realize what I want to do with my life.
I would rather that I have been on the journey that I have lived through, the experiences I have learned and grown from than to quickly jump into a dream that I've worked so hard for only to realize that:

"Actually... Maybe I should not have spent $200,000+ on University to become a ________. Instead I want to become a painter."

I've heard stories like that endlessly!
In fact a few weeks ago I had met a woman who was just three years older than I am. We really connected and somewhere in the conversation I had asked her what she did for a living. She passionately replied "I'm just starting out my own interior design business." I was impressed and so naturally I had asked her: Which college did you study at? She had looked at me and then zoned off, most likely thinking about all of the debt she is in. She went to an Ivy League school and not that there is anything wrong with that, I respect and admire her dedication, motivation and willpower.... But I felt bad for her. She had wasted all of that time, but she actually didn't waste that time.

The thing is, naturally we are always ready to judge someone.
We are always ready to create some sort of assumption about a person.
And most of all, we shamelessly judge other people without even knowing their story, their situation and their struggles.

I had quickly changed the subject and we went back to speaking about architecture which I know nothing about but she took a class at her school and she was always passionate about the beauty of the relationship between structures and living.

My Personal Dilemma:

My mother always nags at me "Why can't you be like ____..." 

Ugh. It is very annoying. While I appreciate and respect my mother caring about my future. 
It is annoying to compare yourself or others with others.
It's just not natural to compare yourself to someone else.
It is impossible to be like someone else.
You could never be someone or anyone else, you can only be yourself.
Just as my favorite writer motivated me to be myself:

So just be yourself because your life is your life.

No one will live your life for you so you must live your life for yourself.

No one will feel what you feel and experience what you're experiencing the way you are experiencing your feelings, your failures, your success, your life.

Just live your life.

& as for time . . . 

Time is just how much time you have to decide be who you want to be.

Time is a reminder that at any minute you can change.

Time is an opportunity to make your life better.

& let me explain why time is an opportunity to improve your life:

One evening I went to the store, the owner's son had asked me "How are you doing today?"
My frown was bigger than ever and I replied: Terribly!
He is about seven years old and his response was too funny and cute, as though I had told him that I've always hated getting free candy on Halloween. He replied "OH NO! THAT'S TERRIBLE! You're the first person to say that!"

So I looked at him and my heart broke, it was my opportunity to listen to what I had learned earlier in my life when my day was much more difficult than that evening. I looked at the time on my phone and enthusiastically told him: You know what, there is ten hours left in this day so I will make sure that today is a beautiful day! And he was happy.

Remember my loyal readers, and my newbies,

There are 24 hours in a day and you can make your every minute, every mili-second the most incredible time of your life!

Time is on your side if you want it to be!

Remember from my previous posts: it is your choice.
It is your decision how you view the world.

Time is on your side!
This time live the life you've always dreamed of.

Sending Good Vibes, x's & o's your way! 
Amela Sandra

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