Dream, Desire, Enjoy!

Dream about where you want to be.

Desire the type of person you want to become.

Enjoy living the life you have always dreamed of.

We tend to forget who we truly are underneath all of the propaganda we have been over exposed to. I remember when I was a teenager I had five magazine subscriptions, I would watch MTV shows every night and slowly I forgot who I was.
I was becoming someone else.

The transition of going from the person I had created as a result of being over exposed by the images which were sold to me to the person my heart desired for me to be... it made me depressed.

I had began to rely on expensive products.
I wanted to do whatever was cool.
I wanted to be current with all of the latest trends.
As a result I had begun working at a young age at part-time jobs as a cashier for luxurious pastry shops.

The years went by and I began developing, going through the phases a teenager goes through. Finally by college I had absolutely no idea who I was but I had a sense of what I had enjoyed and the people I had wanted to be around.
Eventually, I had realized that those people were not really the type of people I had wanted to be around.
The things I was doing were fun, going out, going to college and doing the things that normal college freshmen do.

What I had realized was that I had lacked a lot.
I'm not talking about I didn't have certain things but I had lacked certain qualities.

I honestly think that at every phase in our lives we began to question our actions.
This to me is healthy!
If you just live your life without examining your life every now and then you will never realize that your life is a never ending cycle. It is as though you are a hamster on a wheel running, and running into nothingness.

I began to dream... bigger.
It wasn't an easy process but I had re-evaluated myself over and over which is healthy and normal.

My dreams became my desires. My desires became my determination.
My determination was hard work. Finally I enjoyed what my hard work has provided me with.

To succeed on your own, simply by being yourself is one of the greatest accomplishments you could ever have in life. 
That's the way I see the world.

Here's a Tip for You:
Don't be afraid to look at where you are now, 
where you're going and 
where you might end up. 

Now re-evaluate why you are where you are now.
What were the actions you had taken to bring you to this place?
What were the failures that had brought you to this place?

Where do you expect those actions/failures will take you?

Did you know those actions and results would take you where you are today?
Where will these actions and experiences take you tomorrow?

Think About it!
x o 

Amela Sandra

(all material on this blog was written by Amela Sandra, please ask for permission before referencing any of the content of this blog. Failure to ask for permission will result in a legal liability.) 

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