The Right Bag

School has begun for some of you or has yet to begin.
As a CUNY student school hasn't begun for me yet....
I'm super nervous!

I have no idea what bag to wear.

My flawless skill is my organization.
I am super organized!
Time Management is not easy for many people.
For me it definitely is thanks to my beautiful planner.

The only thing is that on my super busy days I am stuck carrying around so many things.... 

A Purse, a Bag for my Books, a Gym bag, Yoga bag, a Coffee Mug, et et....

Yes. I look like a circus sometimes but it's so much fun to accomplish so many errands and do so many activities successfully in a single day each and every single day. 

❤ Here's what I'm talking about . . .

 My Books

 Yoga Day

 Exam Day

It's a lot huh?
Well it's fine because each bag is organized.
One is strictly for school.
One is for work & personal stuff.
One is strictly food!
I have a busy life but this fall I'll need to find a bag that isn't going to give me back problems in the future.

What's your favorite bag to carry on your busy day ?

x o x o
Amela Sandra