Tea Talk: African Rooibus

African Rooibus (Roy-Bush) is a Red Tea.

The type of African Rooibus tea that I'm using is called Rooibush Panna Cotta Rhubarb
For 100 grams of this tea it will cost you $9.95 on their website

This tea is very simple to make however you'll need some patience to make it:
Please view my video for a delicious version of this teaInstagram Video African Rooibush Tea

This tea is very special because it tastes like a dessert.
However it does not have the concerns of weight gain and negative effects on your health when drinking it.

My recipe brings out a much more delicious flavor of the tea.
I really hope you enjoy it.

For A Single Cup:
Boil Good Quality Filtered Water in a Tea Kettle/Regular Kettle.
Add One teaspoon of African Rooibus Loose Leaf Tea. 
Allow the leaves to steep in five minutes.
As the leaves steep in a lovely cup pour 3 splashes of Coconut Milk.
Add a spoon or packet of All Natural Pure Brown Sugar or Diabetic Sugar
Stir it altogether.
Place a strainer over your tea cup & gently pour the tea from the tea pot onto the strainer
& let the tea gently seep through the strainer by pouring slowly.
Stir once more.
& Enjoy 

What's your favorite tea with milk?

x o x o
Amela Sandra