Tea Talk: Japanese Sencha

Tea Name: Japanese Sencha 
Tea Type: Green Tea
Origin: Japan
Quality: Extra Premium
Flavor: Refreshing. Bitter Tannins.
Price Range: $10 to $15 lb (USD$)  |  $20 to $30 kg (USD$)

As you can see in the photograph the tea is loose, meaning the tea is not in a bag.
This is a wonderful way to extract every bit of flavor of the leaves.
Since the quality is extra premium that means that these leaves are special.
Japan takes their tea seriously, after the country is an island and things can get a bit competitive.

I have purposely bought this high quality tea because "extra premium" means that tea masters have hand picked the very best tea leaves.

Japanese Sencha green tea is a very light and refreshing tea.
Like wine, tea also has tannins.
Sencha has tannins at the very bottom, it has a bitter flavor however if you want to avoid the tannins then get a very good strainer that will absorbs the tannins, you might get some of them out. 

The Proper Brewing Process of Japanese Sencha Green Tea:
In the photograph above I have about fourteen cups of green tea. 
If you are going to make one cup then you should only use one to two tea spoons.

The quality of the water is absolutely important.
If you can please use a water filter or bottled water to enjoy premium quality of any tea.
Boil the water in a tea kettle until it goes off. 
If you want to make the perfect cup of Japanese Sencha you'll need to make sure that the water is 160 to 170 degree Fahrenheit | 71 to 72 Celsius.

Pour the hot water into a pot where your green tea leaves are.
Now wait for about 2 minutes while your tea leaves steep their flavor into the water.
Using a strainer, strain the tea leaves from your pot into your cup. 

& TA DA!


Enjoy your tea!
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Amela Sandra