Tea Talk: Love Nature. Be Healthy.

Tea is very important in my diet.
My family has been drinking tea for decades.

Now I'm no scientist but I have a passion for it & hereditary proves that I know a thing or few about it. 
Before there science had intelligent technology that could produce drugs to prevent illness there were herbs. However like every organism bacteria and viruses become stronger hence why there are so many newer versions of influenza shots. 
Sadly these viruses and bacterias are so advanced that drinking tea alone does not help as it used to, at least not to those of us who have become overly dependent on drugs.

On the upside, when my cousin was dying from lymphoma cancer my mother would bring him a platter of homemade organic fruit salad. The salad included plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that we believe have helped my cousin's longevity. Amongst these fruits and he had also drank traditional Yugoslavian homemade juices made from berries and herbs. Is it possible that our bodies have become completely dependent on modern lab produced medications? Could the body still rely on nature? 

I'm not sure but I do know that anything that comes from the grass, vein, tree, bush, that has been consumed for decades before our great grandmothers, must really work. After all if it didn't work would we literally be here today?

As a child I would drink tea with tea biscuits.
When my mother was too poor to afford medicine the clinique would prescribe a special tea along with a shot on my tush.
Years went by and the more knowledge I gained about the benefits of tea,
I have grown passionate about tea.
In this blog you will find entries titled "Tea Talk" with a topic on every single tea that I have had or will have as well as the instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of that specific tea and it's historical health benefits.

Remember I am not a doctor, everyone has a different body and each individual's body functions differently. Although I will include the historical health benefits which means I will write about the beliefs of those before us.

I hope you enjoy it.

What's your favorite cup of tea?

x o x o

Amela Sandra