My Very First Maternity Shopping Journey

Hey Ladies!

       I feel really badly for being MIA so tonight I have decided to post this video via instagram of my first trip maternity shopping.

My first store was A Pea in the Pod the Macy's on 34th Street Herald Square in NYC has a boutique on the third floor called A Pea in the Pod. They sell their brand of clothing and under garments as well as designer brands such as 7 Jeans, BCBG Max Azria, Jessica Simpson et etc... I was shocked that these designers had a maternity collection. I only bought two of the most incredible bras at A Pea in the Pod boutique.

Then I headed over to the Juniors level of Macys & all I found was an adorable Sweater. Which is featured in my instagram video. The wind in the background is my fan. Sorry.

I used to not care about my spending but after my marriage I became more conscious of my spending. Especially now that I'm an expectant mom I really consider what to buy and whether it's worth it or not.

Style & Size:
Anyway although my trip to A Pea in the Pod was a shocker with the prices. I became a little more familiar with what pregnant women wear. I'm only in my first trimester so my belly isn't as big as the ladies in their second and third trimester but it's always a great idea to get a size or two larger that way you could 'grow into it'. One things for sure my style is very chic, classic and feminine.

I bought this American Rag sweater on the Juniors level at Macys Herald Sq on sale for $30 it used to be $59. Usually I wear a Medium in sweaters but I decided to buy a large to prepare for my baby's expansion in my abs & belly.

Forever 21:
As I've mentioned my maternity shopping journey began at 34th St. Herald Sq. of course I made a visit to Forever 21. This store location was undergoing reconstruction so only one floor was open. I also had no idea that they had discontinued their maternity line last winter. I'm pretty sad about that.
However I kept searching for something a pregnant gal with classic style could wear but everything they had was very 1980s hipster & Punk Rock meets Grunge style. I didn't like it at all. Not my style.
Lately I've been super disappointed with Forever 21. They used to cater to all young women now it's just certain styles and it's usually very gross as in skanky super short and easily outdated pieces.
Come on F21! STEP UP YOUR GAME!!!

The Upside of Forever 21:
I had managed to find an adorable loafer in the shape of a bunny, $2.80.
They also had hair accessories on sale for $1 I just bought an array of scrunchies.
I also bought a tote bag for $2.80 that comes in handy as a shopping bag for produce at the farmers market.
And finally a mint color scarf for $8.80 which makes me feel like I'm headed to Morocco.

Last Stop:
My Trip didn't end at Herald Square, my next stop was Union Square. 
Union Square station is a three block walk away from my favorite bookstore: Strand Bookstore.
They have new and used books on the cheap. 
I remember once in High School I sold the original copy of Black Boy to Strand bookstore for only $10 if I had known the real value of that book.... Shaking my head..... Anyway. I bought a few pregnancy books. It was difficult finding the books because some staff said it was in the basement in the Medical Section, some said it was in the best sellers by fiction & finally an elderly man told me it was on the second floor by the Children's books section sharing a nook with Parenting books. I sat down on the floor and began searching for books that suit me and answer my questions. Along the way I found a pregnancy journal. I spent $20 together for these two books:

I know there are different versions of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" this one is from 2008 but it still answers most of my questions. I also purchased 2 other books which I will share with you via blog posts. I'm super excited ya'll! YAY! =D

Please be a babe & share your insight:

  • Do you have any maternity shopping tips?
  • What's your fave maternity store?
  • Have you ever read the book What to Expect When You're Expecting?

Have a Great Evening!

x o x o
Amela Sandra