LAST MINUTE: New Year's Eve Outfit

Today is the last day of 2013 and I’m certain that we all have many things to do. Maybe last minute shop for that New Year’s Eve outfit?
Let’s call today the MISSION OUTFIT DAY!

Today is the last day of 2013 and if you have no idea what to wear don’t worry.
If you have absolutely NO TIME or Patience or a Dime to shop for an outfit, don’t worry!

Here is my Frugal Diva Advice:

·      Shop Your Closet – Yes. Shop in your closet. I want you to literally take EVERYTHING out of your closet as neatly as possible with the hangers still attached  and now make three piles: One Pile should be things I’ve worn more than three times, Pile #2 Things I wore less than three times & Pile #3 Things I loved but never ever wear ~ No not that size 2 Dress you said you’d wear this year when you lose the excessive fat, that other Dress! The one that you said “I like this! It’s on sale! It’s cute! I’m going to wear It someday.” Your subconscious mind has chosen this dress! This is who you are deep down inside & the New Year should be all About Who YOU Truly Are Deep down inside. Your body is a canvas and your personal style should be your master piece in display to the world. Now it’s time for search for THOSE shoes!

·      Borrowing from Family – This is risky because if you lose or ruin your sister’s/mother’s/cousin’s/aunt’s dress you are big trouble! (See tips toward the end of this post).

·      Thrift Shop – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover/reputation. The Goodwill, Salvation Army and other Thrift stores offer great deals on clothing that you have seen at the department store. In a decent neighborhood you will find some brand names. In fact just last week I found a pair of shoes from Steve Madden that I bought last summer for $100 for $10 and they were in really good condition! The reasons vary for returns – unclutter things you never ever wear, things you’ve out grown, things you find no longer appealing, some thrift stores even allow you to swap your donation for what they already have in store. Now that’s a deal!

·      Clothes Swap Events – There are some meet-up groups you can find that do swap events and this is great! All you have to do is get what you seriously never ever wear & never ever plan to wear and things you regret buying, then go to a “clothes swap” and exchange what you have for what someone else has. Just make sure to avoid getting clothes that are heavily stained or ripped unless of course you continue reading my blog and subscribe and eventually learn from my Domestic Goddess Skills how to remove those stains =)

When all else fails - These stores currently have sales: Mango, Mandees and I believe that H&M has some discounts as well as Forever21 & Charolette Russe


o      You don’t need an iron to straighten or freshen up your clothes. Before taking a nice warm shower for the big night take your dress/outfit and put it on a hanger properly & individually. After your warm shower let the steam from your shower give you the power of an iron and washer combined – straighten out your outfit by hand – stretch out each corner and keep doing this until your outfit/dress is wrinkle free then spray on some body mist or perfume TWO SPRAYS MAXIMUM! Continue straightening. Wrinkles all gone? There you go!
o      NEVER, EVER! Eat while you are standing – 1) it is gross and inappropriate, be a lady, have a seat at the table and enjoy your food, let it digest properly, have a glass of wine/champagne/lemonade/water and relax. This also helps prevent those foods from falling on you and staining your outfit. You don’t want to look like a sloppy child… Do you? Ahahaha. 

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Amela Sandra

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