Spicy Cajun Rice & Veggies with Steak

Spicy Cajun Rice:

This recipe serves Three (a strong man & a pregnant lady)
video 1 & video 2


·      1½ Cups of White Rice
·      3½ Cups of Filtered Water
·      2 Garlic Cloves
·      Himalayan Pink Salt
·      2 TBSP of Butter
·      Paprika Spice
·      Cajun Pepper Spice

·      Bring 3 ½ Cups of Filtered water to a boil in a round pot
·      Add the 2 Table Spoons of Butter
·      Add some Himalayan Pink Salt
·      Add the 2 diced garlic cloves
·      Lower the temperature of the stove to low
·      Cover the pot with lid – make sure the lid is slightly slanted to let steam come out – this helps the rice cook faster
·      There is no specific time because some stoves work faster than others, mine is old and cheap so it’s not as accurate however - When you notice there is very little water compared as seen in the beginning of video #2 add the spices: paprika spice of Cajun spice this makes the rice spicy so if you don’t want it to be too spicy don’t add as much as I did in the video just begin with one tea spoon of each , this will make it spicy but not “OMG! NO MORE WATER!?? MUST GET WATER!!!” spicy
·      With a large silicone/wooden spoon – gently begin to stir the rice gently until it is an orange color
·      Now as the water begins to ‘dissolve’ take a little bite of your rice to taste if you answered Yes then your rice is ready: “Is the rice soft enough to bite through but hard enough to chew?” If the rice is too soft it becomes soggy and you’ve probably used too much water and not the right temperature – this is a trial and error – your stove differs from mine this is fine, enjoy your first time making rice  - - -  If your rice is too hard then add 1/3 cup of water into the pot and lower the stove temperature, cover the lid completely for about ten seconds and then quickly begin to stir it out until there is no water left – is it soft but not soggy/mushy? Yes? Then you did it! Enjoy!


·      6 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil in a bowl
·     2 table spoons of Vegeta or any brand of Adobo Spice
·     Camino – the best camino spice comes from super markets that are Moroccan/Algerian or the like
·      Himalayan Pink Salt & Garlic Cloves

·      Turn oven on – Usually “broil “means to turn on or there is an “on” button otherwise just set the temperature to the highest
·      In a bowl add 6 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil
·      Now add 2 table spoons of Vegeta or any brand of Adobo Spice
·      Add Camino and a little bit of Himalayan Pink Salt
·      Add a little Himalayan Pink Salt
·      Chop up some garlic cloves and throw those in there to enhance the flavor
·      Stir everything up with a silicone icing spatula
·      Then gently lay out the slices of steak on to the pan and begin brushing on the oil and spice mixture from the bowl onto each steak on both sides
·      Place the pan with the spiced up steaks into the oven and lower the temperature to 350 Degrees F / 177 degrees C
·      After 5 minutes Very Slowly & Gently pour some  water as seen my video – this isn’t necessary but you can do it if you choose to
·      In another 5 to 8 minutes the steak should be fully cooked keep it in the oven and proceed to vegetables – cooking the steak (and all meat in general) separately is much more sanitary and safer than cooking it together 



·      Half a Green Bell Pepper
·      Half an Eggplant
·      Half an onion
·      Himalayan Pink Salt
·      Vegeta/Abodo
·      Traditional Tomato Sauce
·      Extra Virgin Olive Oil


·      Heat up the pan
·      Gently pour one full table spoon of olive oil into the pan
·      Lower the temperature to a medium-low
·      Now add all of the chopped up vegetables
·      Add the Himalayan Pink Salt
·      Continuously stir the veggies
·      Add 2 table spoons of tomato sauce
·      Keep stirring –  spread veggies out on the pan & take two minute breaks in between stirring so each veggie is cooked thoroughly
·      Allow about 5 to 10 minutes for vegetables to cook – do not let the onions turn brown as this means that your veggies are burning shut off stove immediately and begin stirring then add a little bit of water about 2 to 4 table spoons
·      Once the veggies are cooked, lower the temperature
·      Add the already cooked steak into the mix and stir it up

ALL DONE! Now get yourself a plate and begin eating your dinner! I hope you enjoy my recipe!
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