Birthday Discounts & Freebies

January – is my birth month!
That means I absolutely love it when I go to stores like Sephora and get a Free Birthday Gift for being such a VIB (very important beauty). I already have the store’s club membership card so I get discounts, points, freebies, invitations to special events, etc….

Every month Sephora offers a generous gift, with that said, every month there is a different brand and type of gift for example this month it’s a Make-Up Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara & Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N9. Next month it might be a body cream, mini perfume bottle, etc.... The possibilities are endless . . . It all really depends on what they’re going to give you and what they have available.


Other Memberships from these stores may also offer Birthday Freebies or Discounts:

·      Panera Bread with MyPanera 
·      Starbucks with a Starbucks Rewards Card
·       American Eagle Outfitters
·      Barnes & Noble 

I don’t really support Fast Food but sometimes it happens and you end up buying fast food. So if it’s your birthday, whenever it is, just show them your ID or your membership card depending on their requirements (call in advance or walk-in just in case to make sure that specific location you have in mind participates and what they do) and they’ll give you either a Discount on or Free Food:


·      Aveda
·      Sephora
·      Benefit Brow Bar

·      Victoria’s Secret
·      DSW Shoes
·      Barnes & Noble
·      Old Navy
·      CVSPharmacy
·      Hallmark Store
·      Borders
·      Toys’R Us
·      Disney
·      American Eagle
·      Old Navy
·      Goodwill
·      Kmart
·      Anthropologie

Food & Drink:
·      Starbucks
·      Panera Bread
·      Red Lobster
·      Uno Chicago Grill
·      California Pizza Kitchen
·      Outback Steakhouse
·      Dunkin Donuts
·      Baskin-Robbins
·      T.G.I.F. Friday’s
·      Chili’s
·      Qdoba
·      iHop
·      Red Robin
·      Pretzel Maker
·      Denny’s
·      Ben & Jerry’s
·      Cold Stone Creamery
·      Quiznos
·      Applebees
·      Dairy Queen
·      Arby’s
·      Dave & Buster’s

By the way I share my date of birth with Christian Dior.
Happy Birthday to all the January Ladies!

x o x o 
Amela Sandra

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