My Diet & Pregnancy

The Negative Image of Diets

     When people hear/read the word diet the first thing that usually comes to their mind is starvation. That's not the case with me. 

       To me a diet is simply being conscious of what you're eating without giving up the things you enjoy like chocolate and a bag of tortilla chips with salsa. I believe in alternatives to unhealthy habits and that includes food.

      The moment I found out I was pregnant I was in awe! It was a huge surprise for us! I had no idea that I would get pregnant this year (2013-2014) and it was not planned. I was terrified and excited at the same time. When I had told my husband he was ecstatic, it was the happiest day in our lives and our families lives. I have never felt so wonderful in my entire life! Pregnancy has been a journey both painful and great. 

Morning Sickness

    Luckily I have mastered the art of avoiding morning sickness. I'm not really sure if it's hereditary or what but there were times when I did throw up. Those times when I did vomit it was either from eating something super greasy or heavy or strong foul smells like excessive perfume, cigarette smoke, vodka, etc.... Those things just made me vomit. Eww! They still do.

   There are definitely foods that I can not eat or drink for example: watermelon - my favorite fruit - I can not eat it! I vomit straight away. Another thing is store bought bottled orange juice, no matter what brand it is I end up throwing up. Oh and purple grapes.... they were my favoriteee now I can't eat them at all. The orange juice part is strange because I can eat organic tangerines but I can not drink OJ from a bottle. I have no idea why........

How To Eat Like a European

  My secret to staying fit, healthy and avoiding morning sickness is to eat light healthy meals, about six to nine times a day. The portions vary as in, I eat the food in small portions but eat seconds. I am European and in the European culture we eat a certain way or at least Healthy Europeans do this.... First we eat the food, very slowly, we take our time chewing on our food. We drink some water and continue eating slowly savoring every bite. Sometimes when we feel full we pause for a minute or 5 minutes and then continue eating unless we feel full. Then when we are hungry we heat up the food again and eat it. If we just cooked a small portion of that food then we always have something in the fridge that's easy to make a quick meal. ~  I guess this is why Europeans are arguably healthy people along with Asians.

So What Do I eat Now That I'm Pregnant?

   The same "rule" applies, eat small, take your time, if you're hungry eat more. When going out or having a feast just keep in mind your limits. When you are out with your friends or family at a restaurant that has unhealthy food I honestly and personally from experience don't think they will be upset with you not eating their food of choice. It's more food for them! But it's always good to let the hostess know in advance what makes you vomit or what is against your ethics (vegan, halal, kosher, gluten free, nut free...etc...) 
     In the End - Just eat whatever You Feel Comfortable With or Feel in the Mood for. In the end you are either eating for yourself or for you and your baby. May I also suggest before going out with your friends to have your very own meal before hand? This is a great tip for anyone. My husband & I do this ALL THE TIME! Unless we're going to an all-you-can-buffet with healthy food options of course. But generally we always have a filling, healthy, 70% vegetable entree and salad before we leave the house. 

The Benefits of Eating Home-Cooked Food

It saves you money. You know what you put in it. It's probably MUCH healthier than what you'd buy outside. Also it helps you stay full longer this prevents you from wanting to eat more which leads to spending more money.

Cooking is Easier than You Think!

Cook with your heart. Ask yourself what you really feel like eating. Then think of how you can make that meal using healthy and even organic all natural ingredients.     

If you still have no idea then check out my instagram - I'm still working on a youtube account but in the meantime there are recipes on my instagram that are super easy, healthy and DELICIOUS! 

Here are almost all of the dishes I have had while Pregnant:

All of these foods were made using recipes that my mother and I have made up.
Again, when you think with your heart, you end up making delicious food.

My Fish & Crabmeat in a secret recipe homemade seafood white sauce with Jasmine White Rice

My Homemade Gluten Free Pizza with Vegetables: Peppers, Mushrooms, Onion, 3 Cheeses 

Our version of traditional Gulas (goulash, gulash) with Home-made Organic Corn Bread & traiditional Balkan Spring Garden Salad Cucumber, Tomato, Raw Onions, Organic Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

Another home-made pizza: Gluten-Free this time with traditional Balkan garden vegetables: Eggplant, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Onion, and zucchini   

My favorite! Real Crabmeat with veggies and cajun rice. For the recipe of: My Spicy Cajun Rice
I have decided not to share my Crabmeat recipe. Sorry.  

My Ultimate Favorite!!! My mother's delicious home-made Pita with Spinach & Pita with Potatoes. Every Balkan person keeps asking her how she makes her pita - she hasn't told anyone except my aunt and yet my mother still makes the best pita! I guess she didn't give away her full recipe. Hehehe. I will be learning how to make this soon but don't expect me to post the recipe.... Sorry.
From the Left hand-side: Boiled Egg - helps keep you full, pita with spinach, far right Bulgarian Feta Cheese & bottom one pita with Potatoes & another one with Spinach. YUMMY!!! 

More Balkan Garden Veggies! Steak with white rice, red and green bell peppers, onion, eggplant, zucchini and lots of love! Balkans LOVE steak! We also seriously love vegetables and if you know any person from former Yugoslavia they will most likely tell you about their farm, backyard or balcony or even window-cell with home-grown vegetables and it's always: onions, every color pepper, zucchini, eggplants, squash, etc..... We take our gardens seriously back home! As for the farm animals, we don't treat them like people in most countries (cough cough) we let them roam around in miles of land. Heck if you live in small village you might even see someone's goat or cow gazing at you while chewing on your lawn or backyard. It happens all the time. We are people of Nature back home. 

Avocados are not Balkan but if they were I'm sure we'd eat it with everything and anything. Ahahaha! This is one way my mom and I use avocado: tomatoes and Bulgarian Feta with fresh black pepper. 

YES!!! This is another favorite entree! Shrimp Pasta! Super delicious! It takes about 20-30 minutes to make but it is worth every second! As you can see: Parsley, Bell Pepper, Diced Garlic were involved. Balkans and every Eastern European you will ever meet LOVE Garlic & Herbs! We use garlic for everything: food, homeopathic remedies & even as a beauty product!

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