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I have been taking vegan vitamins by Solgar for about five years now & they are INCREDIBLE! Before Solgar I was taking a much cheaper brand from the local pharmacy that my Doctor had suggested but when I discovered these at my local organic super market I had to try it!

• Slogar Vitamins – are my absolute favorite and I don’t buy any other brand because this particular brand has been around for over 60 years and their ingredients are simple and honest.

Solgar vitamins are 100% Vegetable & Plant Based making them 100% VEGAN & they're GLUTEN-FREE!!!!

• What I take:
·      Prenatal/Women’s Vitamins: I actually ran out but they are also amazing! As an alternative since the supermarket ran out I took a brand called "Nutrition Now" Gummy Pre-Natal Vitamins, on the bottle it says that children can take them too, but I prefer my Solgar vitamins. This is the best there is for me!

·      Gentle Iron - I'm a bit iron deficient but don't want to hurt my baby. My primary care doctor recommended 25mg for me.

·      GABA is my own discovery & it's been the best vitamin EVER ! Five years ago I've began suffering from anxiety & I really really really DO NOT like medications unless I seriously need them. Many women, especially most Asian women suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, my Chinese Doctor was surprised that I amongst them. Who knows! I’m a Balkan and the Balkan history proves that we were a large part of import and export for hundreds of years. Maybe I have some Asian in me? Or maybe it’s just my new lifestyle. I have a lot of responsibilities that I’ve never had before and I always want to do everything ASAP. Luckily I’ve learned to slow down and take it step by step thanks to my Professors, Mentors, close friends and family. I take these GABA vitamins for my anxiety I can take two twice a day for severe moments or two for the entire day it all depends

·      Vitamin D3 in 1000 IU because again I'm deficient in this vitamin. What can I say? I’m European and it gets cold.

     Personally I have a ritual for taking my vitamins and it all begins in the morning. As soon as I wake up the first thing I do is go to my kitchen, make myself a smoothie and prepare my vitamins. Before I enjoy my smoothie and vitamins I make sure I am hydrated by drinking about 16.9 FL OZ/500 mL of water. Then I take my vitamins and drink my smoothie. Below is a photograph of my delicious smoothie. Isn't it super deliciously amazing looking? It's even more deliciously amazing in flavor.  
My Vegan, Organic & Gluten-Free Smoothie:

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Amela Sandra

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