From the Pantry: Baking Powder &. . . .

From the Pantry:
Multiple Purposes for Baking Powder

Just when you thought the things in your pantry or kitchen as whole only had things for consumption, prepare to be surprised. Today’s post on “From the Pantry” is how to use Baking Powder for Beauty & Cleaning Purposes. Also at the very end of my blog post I have included advice on how to clean your carpet/rug thoroughly.

Disinfecting Your Tooth-Brush
·      When: After each wash
·      Why: The bacteria you’ve just scrubbed off of your teeth has a new home on your toothbrush. 

Also Counts a Tooth Whitener:
·      After applying a tiny squeeze of tooth paste on your tooth brush, sprinkle half a tea spoon of baking powder on top of the paste then begin brushing properly.

Stained Nails
·        When: After Removing Nail/Before Applying a New Color
·         How: After removing your nail polish with a natural remover, rinse your hands with vegan soap, dry your hands and finally....  Lay out a towel so you don't make a mess, rinse your scrub and gently begin scrubbing your nails with a scrub like the one pictured, add a pinch of baking powder per nail and scrub, scrub, scrub. This should help remove the yellow stains left behind from your dark/thick nail polishes

More Ways to Use Baking Powder:

Cleaning Off Stains Whether it's on a Rug/Carpet or Your Favorite Shirt

Stained Rug/Carpet
·        When: As Soon As Possible 

·        Why: Some stains may be more difficult to remove than others

·        What: Area rugs or carpets

·        How: Fabrics can be very tricky so the first time you just want to experiment on a small area just in case the fabric is too delicate. I can't tell you exactly which carpets are delicate unless I touch it by hand or unless you send me a photo of it. Sometimes you can take the rug to a special dry cleaner or hire someone to steam your carpet once everything three to four months depending on your family size or once a year if respectively, you can't afford it.
      Begin experimenting in the smallest area, simply take an old toothbrush or a new scrub, now dab a little baking powder, if the stain is too deep you may need some seltzer water or if the carpet/rug is white you can use bleach WARNING! The rug pictured above does not count as white, it's in the beige family and bleach will destroy it. Okay so for my rug I've used baking soda but it did not work as well as the baking powder and seltzer water. My old scrub was super old so I had decided to use a toothbrush. When you're scrubbing you want to scrub the stand in a circular motion and continue to gently dab on some seltzer water. Please make sure it's seltzer water and not sparkling water or tonic as those are all totally different. Keep scrubbing until there is nothing left to scrub.

The Struggle:
 If you have given it your all and the stain won't come off then it must be for the following reasons: You've waited too long and now the stain has made your carpet/rug it's new home. Your carpets quality is either horrible or super delicate in which case you could either donate it at this point or simply get it cleaned by a professional. Unless of course you decide you don't want to give up on it then do the extreme: hose it down and scrub with the same tools: baking powder, seltzer water (or bleach, if the fabric is actually white), and keep scrubbing, if the stain has become too stubborn then I suggest you use a single cup of Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap. Your carpet/rug should be clean by now, simply allow it to Air Dry unless you got it steam cleaned in that case the carpet cleaners will let you know how they dry their carpets.

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