My Favorite Ingredients: Maca

A year ago I wrote a blog entry on Maca and it’s health benefits. Recently, I've noticed some health nut & fitness obsessed women have been taking it in bulk without knowing that it’s actually more for men than women.

 Maca Root can be found in your local holistic store or health food supermarket. According to the proud people of the Andes Mountains, over hundreds of years ago warriors ate Maca powder in everything because it is so rich in protein.

Another thing that it’s very good at according to the Andean holistic doctors, it is believed to improve sperm count. Yes. Male fertility.

Those Spartan-like Western South American men may have been strong due to the mass consumption of Maca. But these super macho masculine warriors also wanted a family of their own. Of course years ago there was no such thing as going to your local pharmacy or specialist. Your health relied on you, nature and a community doctor who had experience of many trials and errors of what the land can bring for its people.

Sadly however, people tend to not appreciate nature now days. Hopefully that will change just as now days people are more aware of organic and healthy food than they were three years ago.

Maca Root is also known as Lepidium Meyenii and is very rich in protein and healthy carbs, healthy fats - yes there are healthy carbs and healthy fats! If you didn’t know then you've been paying attention to too many unhealthy people.

Aside from the politics of the medical world and misinformed media, Maca Root is assumed to be healthy for women because of it's richness in minerals and protein but it is more so for men than women. Ladies, take Maca once a week! Men if you work out routinely and want to be toned naturally and are ready to make some babies, get a hold of the Ancient Andean Muscle repairing + baby-making remedy. 

What Does it Taste Like?:
Maca is very bitter. If you're going to add it to your smoothie I suggest you add some natural syrup to sweeten it up. My favorites are Agave syrup and Maple Syrup.

Where Can You Buy Maca Root?

Maca Root can be bought as a Powder or Flour or even as a pill. I suggest buying it as a powder. I don't trust most of those so called natural pill companies, most of them are phonies but that's another blog post. 
Once you buy the powder, you can easily put about half a tea spoon in your and a full tea spoon in your man's smoothie. I also suggest putting all of your natural and delicious flours in glass jars like the one I've mentioned before from IKEA: BURKEN Jar with Lid it comes in about three different sizes. It's my personal favorite. I'm the Guru of Organization and these glass jars are much better than those BPA rich plastic cheap ones. It also keeps your flour fresh. Please remember as always to write the expiration date on a post-it and stick it on the jar.

How Can I tell if it's Expired?
The powder is naturally stiff but when expired it is more stiff, and I mean frozen. Also it will grow mold, but you most likely won't be able to tell because the powder will also go from it's natural beige-sand color to a pale beige almost white color.

The first time I've purchased Maca Powder was about four years ago. I've decided to write a blog entry on it two years ago and this is the revised version of it. I still stand by the brand Navita's Naturals. Here's more info on Maca from their website 

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Original blog-post on Maca RootPowder/Flour was written and published in the Summer of 2011
Disclaimer: Please consult your health care professional or holistic doctor or a holistic nutritionist before eating certain foods or 
changing your diet completely.

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