Outfit Of The Day: First Week of Finals


I've been sooooo busy to take pictures of my OOTD!
This week was the first week of my finals & it's been dreadful!
My Photographer, my husband has been super busy as well.
We haven't had time to see each other due to our conflicting schedules.
However, I did manage to take these awesome and artistic selfies while on my Lunch Break:

Hollister teamed up with Keds & made these awesome high-waist leggings
I bought them on sale for the lovely fair price of $10 they're very comfy & I really 
like the pattern especially in its blue color, it's very wintery yet summer bright.
I guess I can wear it through-out the year. Great quality, not too tight for a 5 month belly.

The knit top was a lucky find at Macy's.
I purchased it on sale + Macy's Card + coupons for just $15.
It's multi-colored very well in burgundy, light brown and blue.
This chunky long knit sweater is so warm and comfortable and
it goes with just about any outfit. It also fits to my size, I've had it before
my pregnancy and now I'm wearing it during my pregnancy. It's definitely
a multi-tasking sweater that goes with any style and any season:
Autumn, Winter & Early Spring.

I've paired up the Hollister leggings & Knit Sweater from Macy's with 
my UGG boots & white long-sleeve shirt. The UGGs are from Nordstrom.
The white long-sleeve t-shirt is from Hollister & I bought it on sale for $5.50.

Finals Week Wardrobe Advice: 
This was my outfit for the First Week of Finals.
My Advice is to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing whether you're pregnant or not.
While studying we sit for long periods of time and that means changing seating positions.
I always sit very yoga-like but now that I'm pregnant I can't really sit in the strange asana ways that I used to. It's definitely been a challenge but I know that some day all of it will be worth it!

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