Basic Bathroom Organization

When my husband & I moved into our current apartment, we did not plan to stay here for too long since our neighbors are chronic smokers and unfortunately the smoke from their apartment seeps through all of the little cracks and the cheap sheetrock wall  and into our apartment. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night from the same nightmare: I am trapped in a cigar shop with demons. Not a cool nightmare to have.

Anyway aside from my horrible living condition or rather despite my horrible second hand smoke experience. As you may have noticed I am a very organized but when you live in a home that makes you feel down, all you can think about is "I want to get the hell outta here cause this does not feel like home!"

Unfortunately my organized self could no longer handle the disorganization and I have decided to invest in super cheap and easy to repurpose systems. The first place I started was my bathroom. My bathroom is very important to me because that's where all of my hygiene things are. Also I live with a man, my husband, and he also has HIS hygiene stuff. I also like to bring magazines in the bathroom with me, particularly catalogues from my favorite stores since I don't have any other time to browse through them.

Over all my bathroom had lacked what I consider basic organization & here's what I mean:

Okay, so we've started out right with the $15.99 above the toilet shelving unit from our local T.J. Maxx store. But then we have these catalogues everywhere and my cute basket from the Body Shop which is strictly for dental hygiene it has my hair brush in it and my creams which I've cropped out because it's just embarrassing how disorganized and cluttered my things were. 

Since my husband & I were making our Renovation Inspiration trip to IKEA (next blog post)
I had made a list of things I really need. At the top of the list I wrote: "cheap basket/bin for basic bathroom organization"

And guess what in less than ten minutes in the bins/boxes/baskets area of IKEA I found these super cheap, simple plastic bins for $1.49 each. I've given my husband the shelf for his hygiene stuff & I kept this for myself, since.... I have MUCH more than he does. But I did give him space for his razors, deodorant & face moisturizer. LOL.

Here are the details on the bins:

As you can tell from the left hand side bin #: 

  1. The Facial Bin
    • Anything that goes on the Face:
      • Moisturizers
      • Concealers
      • Face Wash
      • Eye Make-Up
      • Brush cleaner
      • Face Masks
      • etc..
  2. The Body Bin
    • Anything that goes on your overall body
      • Sunscreen
      • Body Oil
      • Razors
      • Body Wash
      • Deodorant
      • etc...
  3. The Hair Bin
    • Anything that goes on my hair, plus two make-up bags that I had some extra space for
      • Hair Moose
      • Hair Spray (It's rare that I use hair spray, it's actually bad for the environment, your hair and your lungs. I've had these bottles for two years now)
      • Hair Brush
      • Hair Mask
      • Shampoo & Conditioners
      • Hair Dye
      • etc....
Other Purposes:
This is just temporary organization, I can later use those bins for something else, like my cleaning supplies, kids toys, sock & undergarment dividers for my husband's upcoming new closet, etc....

I hope you've enjoyed this post!
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