Our New Home

I am so excited that we will be moving in April ! 

At the moment we've got our contractor & I'm working side by side with him to create a beautiful home for my family & I! My mom, Eduardo, Fluffy & I are very excited & we think the baby will love it there too. Here are some photos of our new home, we're still in Queens, we can't leave Queens it's too diverse here, we are so used to living in the most diverse county in the entire world where you can find any culture, language, religion and people of every country you've heard of or never heard of.
Here are pictures of the current state the apartment is in:

These tiles are very cute and they were purchased sometime in the mid 1960s or late 1970s but they are fake, it's actually just a type of plastic rug.  When we found out what the actual floor looks like, I was shocked. The wood has decayed completely but thank God we have a trusted contractor. He's a bit pricey but his expertise & professionalism is definitely worth every hard earned penny to make my home, a dream home!

This kitchen is ridiculously small and outdated, as you can see behind my mom the floor is decayed. We've removed the plastic fake tiles and it all just cracked on it's own.
But on the bright side there are great features to the amenities: private community playground, a private party room, security, cameras, intercoms with cameras, and a full service laundry room. They also allow pets which is just as big of a bonus as the private playground because Fluffy our pomeranian is also a huge part of our family.

This a picture of the livingroom, it's very huge! My husband is standing in the dinning room which is also connected to the main entrance. This space is big enough for many of my ideas. We're very excited! I can't wait to renovate everything, decorate & see the end result! I'm super excited!

Stay Tuned for updates on the renovation!
Thank You!

x o x o 
Amela Sandra

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