Book Club: The Hot Mom to Be Handbook - Two

The Hot Mom to be Handbook 
by Jessica Denay


The more I read this book, the more I love it!
So far this book has covered the most important concerns about pregnancy for the modern day mom: HER RIGHTS.

In chapter two Jessica Denay writes some great tips on how to keep your mind at peace. 

"Your child's awareness of her or his environment begins in the womb. That's right, even in your uterus your baby is picking up everything that is happening in your world.... Just as your body and mind work together you and your unborn baby are functioning as a unit." - page 58  

It's cute how she later compares the pregnant woman's body as a Mother Ship. On page 59 she writes:

"From the moment of conception until your nine months are up, your body is exposed to your database and interpretations of the world---and during this time your baby's brain is forming, memory is beginning to be structed, and emotional patterns are started. That means your thoughts, emotions, and feelings translate into molecules, mainly hormones, which flow into the body of your fetus. Life learning begins BEFORE birth...."

This seriously makes me rethink about the times I've been so stressed out over silly things. It seriously isn't worth it. This semester at college and work, I've been through hell and back. I don't even want to go there. It has just been a nightmare. I have been treated TERRIBLY by many people in my workplace and college the sad part is that those people were my superiors at work and staff at school. It's so easy to get discriminated for being pregnant. People don't understand that when you're pregnant you go through a lot mentally, physically and emotionally. 

When those people stress you out, no matter how hard you try some people are just evil selfish jerks. That stress doesn't only affect you, it also affects your baby. To me it's a form of child abuse! Yes! It is CHILD ABUSE!
The baby is not born yet but that doesn't mean that just because you can not see the baby does not mean that you are not hurting his/her feelings.

This is definitely true not only because it's my insight after reading those two pages but because from my personal experience whenever someone stressed me out, I would feel a lot pain. The pain would spread out from my back to my chest to my belly to lower parts of my body. At the same time I would experience a very terrible anxiety attack. If that is how I felt I could not imagine how my baby felt.

This seriously frightens me!
I think that people need to respect pregnant women more not because they are pregnant but because there is a little being inside of her that is experiencing everything she is.

Anyway, aside from that horror, on the bright side Jessica Denay comforts me. She writes how we need to adapt a sense of humor to EVERYTHING life gives us. It is so difficult to be strong but she gives some great tips on how to calm yourself when others are being selfish aggressors, as I find it to appropriately refer to them. She says that we need to drink plenty of water to hydrate our bodies, mind & baby. I am very fond of yoga and plan to make some YouTube videos this upcoming week on my prenatal yoga moves that I've learned. Jessica praises yoga and suggests to meditate peacefully when someone is attacking you with stress. 

Then she discusses that we need to stop smoking, drinking alcohol and cut down on caffeine or eliminate it completely. Towards the end of the chapter, like every chapter, she has a list & I just wanted to share this with you before you start to freak out like I did:

That's all for tonight, next week I will write about chapter three & my thoughts on it. Thank you for joining me on this post. Please borrow the book from your local library or purchase it at your local discount bookstore it's originally $16.99 but I've seen it for half that price at a bookstore in my neighborhood. They also have it available in eBook form on Amazon's Kindle & Barnes & Noble's NookBook.

Also my Oprah obsessed neighbor told me that this book was featured in Oprah's "Books Mom's Will Love" Another reason to join me next week for a book review. If you've already borrowed or purchased the book or have any questions - please feel free to comment below. Also don't forget to Subscribe to My Blog!   

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Amela Sandra 

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