Maternity Chic

Because I love Myself

My Maternity Style
My style is based on my mood but my taste always remains the same.
I love anything that catches my eye & usually it's feminine, sexy, glamorous, comfortable, & a classique. When I dress up I choose things that make me say "this is very interesting" & then I pair it up with something else that is compatible. I always keep in mind that my style like everyone else's is a work of art. 

My Fashion Advice to You
What you wear expresses not only your mood but you as an individual. It's very good to keep this advice in mind before you leave your home dressed a certain way. When you don't take care of yourself and dress nicely you are showing people that you don't really love yourself.

I understand that you may be going through a difficult time such as pregnancy or maybe you don't like your hips, breasts, etc... But all of that can be taken care of by buying clothes that compliment YOUR body. Also don't ever exceed your budget unless you have saved up some money to go on a shopping spree per se or unless you've saved money to buy that $160 dress. Otherwise, Chic & Cheap is very doable.

The Four C's
Now that I'm pregnant My Fashion Motto are the 4 C's: 
Cheap, Chic, Classy, & Comfy 
(Comfy = comfortable)
I aware that I won't be pregnant for long so when I shop I definitely look for sales and discounts. Everyone wants to know my big secret to shopping for less & looking super expensive. And actually I can not reveal my secret in just one blog post. You will need to read my blog to truly understand the purpose of being a Frugal Fashionista.
You don't become a frugal fashionista over night. It is something that you are trained to become. 

It may sound silly but I've bought entire* outfits that cost me $40 and they were all boutique brand names. 

Here's a great example of one of my favorite outfits, although this outfit is much more than $40 I absolutely love to share it with you because I think it's such a great artsy & feminine, maternity chic style with new merchandise. 

Details About This Outfit:
Dress: MANGO $40
Tights: Charlotte Russe $3.50
Vegan Handbag: $50
Scarf: H&M $5
Suede Platform Boots: Steve Madden $99

Yes. This Outfit was way over $40 but let's review this outfit with it's original prices:

Original Price:
Dress: $40
Tights: $7.50
Vegan Handbag: $130
Scarf: $12.90
Steven Madden Suede Platform Boots: $200

See the difference.
I've saved: $192.90 & some change
Huge difference, yeah?

I wore this outfit on a lovely lunch date with my husband. I strongly believe that when you dress nicely, no matter how horribly you feel,  it tends to cheer you up! It really does!

Also, people treat you much more differently depending on how you dress. 
So if you don't feel good or just don't think you can afford to look good you are foolish. 

You need to go to your closet & look at everything that you love, like, hate & aren't sure about. I will write more about Moving to Your New HomeSpring Cleaning & Shopping Your Closet this upcoming week.

This Morning's blog post will be on: How To Eat Healthier by Replacing Simple Items in Your Kitchen.

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Amela Sandra

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