Have you noticed everyone is finally listening to scientists? 
Particularly: environmentalists and those who work in the environment with wildlife/marine life/etc.

Tuesday, April 22 is Earth Day  

That means I'm going to give you some of my tips on how to be eco-friendly.
Warning, we rely heavily on these things so be proud of yourself at the end of the day, or you just might be enlightened and use these new tips every day from now on. . .

Here it goes:
  • Unplug everything except your Fridge & Stove
    • Unplugging your stove can result in a gas leak or something much more dangerous so don't do that !
    • Unplugging your fridge will rot your food - EW!
      • What You Can Unplug:
      • Your microwave
      • Your radio/MP3 stereo
      • Television
      • Any cords that aren't being actually are being used unless there's an "off" switch and that would most likely be a multi-cord
      • Your chargers - they're eating your electricity 
      • Toaster
      • Channel box (cable box, TiVo Box, whatever you service you use... unplug it)
      • basically whatever is plugged into the wall is using electricity whether it is being used or not - this is why my electric bill is $40 a month - I unplug or switch off whatever I'm not using.

  • Go Outside:
    • Meet Your Friends somewhere, go out for dinner, go out somewhere and this is good for environment because you won't be hoarding electricity, you'll be somewhere with a crowd of people sharing energy, the same applies in these suggestions....
    • Communal Buildings/Areas Open to the public - go there, eat your lunch there, it's free, you'll people watch and again share energy
    • Visit a relative or relatives
    • Volunteer somewhere
    • Ride Your Bike
      • Just Go Outside! Do something! Don't use electricity or take a very much needed nap!

  • Transportation:
    • Use Public Transportation
    • Ride Your Bike to Public Transportation
    • Share a cab
    • Walk there

  • Donate:
    • Donate Anything you don't want or need, your trash is someone else's OMG! FREE STUFF THAT I SERIOUSLY NEED. (aka treasure)
    • You can also have a Swap Party or attend a Swap Event (you exchange your things with others)
      • Swap Style - swap your clothes, cosmetics, etc... online 
      • Real Simple Magazine's: Donate Your Used Items
      • There should be plenty of donation centers in your city/town or just ask someone you know if they or someone they know is looking for a trench coat/couch/dinning table etc... you never know.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more. . . .

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