The Examined Life

We live in a world which disables us from becoming who we truly want to be. 
Every individual is constantly judged for being themselves, but those who judge are most likely too afraid to be themselves and therefore see those who are open as being deviant because they lack the confidence to be true to themselves.

The truth is that no one is perfect.
The truth is that everyone has dark secrets.
The truth is that we all have a dark past.
We have all made mistakes which we can not take back.
Our decisions are a choice that we make.
We choose to make mistakes whether it was by accident as a result of acting quickly without thinking because we thought that there wasn't enough time to thoroughly think it through. However, we always have the option to make decisions and there are so many decisions to choose from, we just need to think them through and choose the right thing to do that makes us more real.

In a book that I've recently read by Nozick he dedicates an entire chapter to being more real. He asks "What makes you feel alive?" 
The question isn't just are you breathing? Are you eating? Is your heart beating?
It's much deeper than that, he is asking to examine our lives and the best way to do that is by examining ourselves.

It's too easy to play the victim or to point fingers and blame the world.
The truth is that we all have problems and maybe the problem with the world is you.
Your problems are released into this world and whatever energy you release into this world is what makes this world. It is a never ending reaction of decisions which we've made or failed to make. There is a consequence to what we do or do not do.

My point is simple, if you examine your life and find out what truly makes you.
What are the things that you do or that you want to do that will help you achieve a happier life? What is holding you back? 

The answer is, you.
You have the decision to make the world a better place by making your life better.
Once you examine your life you will find the darkness and from that darkness, you can bring light into your life.

How do you make the darkness better?
Well lets say that you're the type of person who enjoys seeing another person suffer.
It could be a conscious or a subconscious decision but either way you bring something negative and evil into the world simply by speaking ill of someone else.
But you can change this darkness by confronting yourself.
You need to ask yourself: What is the darkness in my life?
How am I hurting MYSELF by hurting others?

First start off by confronting this evil, why do you commit this crime?
What do you gain when you see another person suffer?
Do you feel a sense of confidence?
Do you feel like that is who you are?
Do you feel that hurting other people's feelings makes you a stronger and more powerful person?

Why would you do that to yourself?
Why be evil?

You don't have to be that way!
You can change yourself!
Anyone can change it is completely up to you whether you want to change or not.
If you choose not to change then you are only sabotaging yourself.

Change, will bring the darkness out of you.
It won't be easy.
Depending how much of a horrible person you've made yourself, that is how much more painful it will be for you to change.
It isn't just karma but it is a result of you carelessly letting yourself become the person your soul doesn't want you to become.

Do you remember who you were?
Do you remember a time in your childhood when you were kind?
Is there a moment in your childhood when you had found yourself at peace?

I remember when I was a little girl and I sat down in the sunflower field on a farm with my German Shepard. She sat down and observed the world with me, we would watch the butterflies float around and the sunflowers rotating in the direction of the sunlight. It was a magical experience. I was at peace. There was something beautiful happening around me, the natural world of freedom, peace and love was conspiring within me as I was surrounded by nature.

That memory is what makes me who I am.
Deep down I am still that little girl and she is always revealed to the world.
She is the innocent child who has hope for the world.
The world is a place of endless possibility of peace, love and freedom.
The harmony that radiates from that little girl's heart is still within me.

As for those who do evils to the world, if they had seen their inner child, and not the child who is angry with the world but the child who was once at peace until they were faced with troubles from those who did not examine their lives. 
Those who truly find happiness within themselves are the people who live a happy life.

Health is very important in our lives and happiness is the result of strong health.
If you spend enough time with the happiest people you will see that they take the least sick days. It's because their immune system is synchronized with their souls and their souls are happy because their minds are in harmony with their soul.

And so, Who were you?
Who are you now?
Is the person who you were then happy that you are who you are now?
Is it okay that you are now this person?
If not, then why not change?
The choice is yours.

Choose wisely, think it through.
Be at peace with yourself.
Make your inner child happy.

May Peace & Love Forever Go In Your Direction
x o x o
Amela Sandra

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