Independent Woman: Domestic Violence

                    A little while ago, I was out talking with a friend engaging in my bad habit (smoking a cigarette) when by chance I had met a young woman who looked very stressed out. I had decided to engage in conversation with her and suddenly she confided in me.

            Two weeks ago while shopping at a local store, I overhear a young woman crying in the background. She sobbed on the phone "He forced me to quit my job! He took all of my money! I have no place to go....." Of course I had heard her crying during the entire time I was shopping but I didn't pay attention to what she was saying until there was a silence and I heard her say that. It really broke my heart to know that someone is suffering like this and that people are too busy with their own lives to help. This happens, sometimes the people that we really need to be in our lives are too busy going through their own problems. The way the economy has been for my generation it is very unfortunate that we suffer the most. 
          We've all had these dreams where we would like to succeed somewhere but it has been difficult ever since the politicians robbed the 99% of America for war on oil when in reality they should just get with the program and use free-energy and green-technology which is sustainable to our one and only darling planet (Nice clothes can't be seen in a space suit on Mars--there's a rumor going around that there are plans for humans to live on mars if all else fails on earth). It isn't easy to live your dreams when there is zero security of your job. Zero security of your jobs means your co-workers go into survival of the fittest mode and fear for their jobs, engaging in negative energy of back-stabbing and 
even making it their mission to get someone fired or lose their credentials. 

          So in this world of chaos when a woman is stuck in a violent relationship, it seems that there is no hope for her! There is hope! She can find hope in her closest friends, of course we are all going through our own sh*t but quiet honestly, you need to make time for your closest friends. 

        Speaking with your close friends about what is bothering you is the key to healing. In this time where you can communicate and do just about anything 
virtually, it's most important to visit your friend and speak with them face to face!  

       You can get help! If you really want to change your life you can! Get yourself a counselor who could get you organized with a Not-For-Profit Organization which helps women who are victims of domestic violence! You can also even call them directly, every state has them:

  • NYC:
  • Nationally:
  • International:

If he hits you it doesn't means he loves you, he loves hitting you not you as a person!
You can change your own life! You just need to go for it! Live your life!
Your life can change if you choose to!

Have a Safe Holiday,
May You Have a Wonderful #New Year New Life Ahead of You

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