My New Adult Life

The Beginning of My Adulthood

Every year or two, my journal fills up and I search for a new journal.
Some people would not agree but I save my journals.
When I was a child, I used to own many diaries but a snoopy relative had me stop writing in my diary after breaking the locks and reading my entries out loud to my other siblings.
I had no longer felt trust to write my feelings, thoughts and little notes.
So I had stopped writing.

As I got older, I began typing up what was happening each day.
Finally, I had realized that I needed a journal.

I needed a journal because I had all of these things on my mind.
My life was shifting onto a different stage, this stage was the beginning of my adulthood, the beginning of new responsibilities, the beginning of concluding everything that I have ever known, everything that I've ever done and using whatever I have learned from all of those experiences and using the knowledge from those experiences into my new life. My New Adult Life.

There were lessons that I've learned and lessons which I did not learn.
Those lessons that I should have learned came right back and took a huge chunk off right in my heart.
I have been betrayed so many times, I could be an evil villain but I choose not to.
I choose love! I choose peace! and despite all of the times that I've been deceived and thrown stones at. I had become stronger. Sometimes it can be very difficult for us to see what we had accomplished, our successes, our completed goals turned healthy habits.....

Sometimes we need to write down our struggling with ink-kisses-paper in our journals.
We need to write out all of our emotions, thoughts, just write don't think about grammar, or mistakes or how your hand hurts or that you'll forget about what you're thinking about right now and right now you are forgetting what you're writing because you're thinking you're going to forget.... Just Write!
Shut Up Your Mind & WRITE IT OUT! -- I think this could count as meditation. I feel a sense of revelation when I write out my feelings, deepest thoughts, or ideas.

When I revisit my journals, I read a page per month and I am amazed by how far I have come!
It is absolutely incredible to see my progress, my failures and ideas I have noted in my journal.
It is such a stress reliever when you just write out what is on your mind.
It is also very motivational when you write in your journal and look back at the things you've accomplished.
And also keep in mind that sometimes as we get older we change our minds, so if you wrote down "get a driver's license by Spring 2014" and you still didn't get your license, ask yourself if you really want a license or do you just prefer taking public transportation and riding your bicycle?
This is another great thing about writing in a journal, it awakens us, it shows us our thoughts and how we change as time passes. It's beautiful! 
When I struggled with depression reviewing my journal after succeeding in so many of my goals has empowered me even more! I remember as I grew up my mother would always tell me "You'll cry about it now but tomorrow you'll laugh about it and say "I can't believe I was sad over this silly thing!"

If you are going to make a New Year's Eve Resolution, may I suggest starting a journal?
I will post another blog entry on how I've worked on my journals to help you get an idea of how to journal in a very organized and successful manner.

Have a wonderful day today! Enjoy this last day of 2014! Make it beautiful! Create memories today!
Share the love and peace!

I want to thank my amazing friends who have spent this week with me! 
It isn't easy to find wonderful friends but if you radiate the love from your heart, all of the world really does conspire! Live Peacefully! Think Peacefully! And life will be in harmony!
And remember that there has to a storm to make a rainbow. 

Yours Truly,
Amela Sandra

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