Good Vibes: Relationships

How to Create a Positive Lifestyle through Good Vibes
There are many ways to create a positive life.
One of those ways is by looking at the people that are in your life and re-evaluating their purpose in your life.

I have met so many women and men who range from 20-something and up who have decided that they need to be detached from their family, certain relatives, friends and any other specific people.

There will be some people in our lives that we meet and then later must avoid.
We don't avoid those type of people because we are greedy or have the esteem that we are much better than they are.
Actually, it is completely healthy and okay to avoid certain people.

If someone makes you feel:
- weak
- miserable
- upset
- like they're constantly calling you just to use you
- when you call them they never answer your calls
- when they call you, you answer and say that you are sorry and can not help them they don't call back for weeks, months or years and then again they only reason they suddenly call you is because they need something from you
- people who put you down
- people who speak badly of you behind your back to your friends/family
- people who write negative things to you on facebook whether they are a friend/relative or a friend's friend; ignore them & avoid them and block them if necessary

The negative people in your life bring stress into your life.
Why add stress into your life if you already have enough to be concerned with?
Stress is not healthy for your mind or your body.
Cut any and every negative person out of your life.
It is 2015 and at this time, at the beginning of the new year many people are searching for people who share the same interests as they do. These people are very positive and they will welcome you with open arms. Stick around with the positive people, the people who make you feel good about yourself. Keep close to you the people who truly care for you, not those who pretend to do. No one is perfect, of course, but if a person betrays you more than once, it is very rare that they will not do it again.

So today, re-evaluate the people you have chosen to be part of your life, your mind & your emotions.
Choose wisely.
Be brutally honest with yourself.
Remember, I was born an only-child so I know that being alone does not mean you are alone.
It means you are in solitude.
And it is better to have part-time companions than people which you dedicate your time to and call friends who simply do not care for you.
Get to know those part-time companions and if they are worth while, as in they bring good vibes into your life than replace those old negative crappy friends with new positive, loving & caring friends! 

Always stay with people who are honest with you and respect you for who you are!
It will be painful and lonely but if you immerse yourself in the activities you enjoy, you will attract those who share your interests. 

Yours Truly,
Amela Sandra

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