Independent Woman: Finances

I am not the most frugal woman in the world but I try my best to save as much money as I possibly can.
This year I have promised myself to become frugal and own it!
Here's what I do:
First, I would like to share that there are some incredible apps that I've uploaded onto my smart-phone to help me keep track of my finances.

One of the apps that I absolutely love is Mint  !
This app helps me keep track of how much money I'm spending on what on a graph.
It also helps me create a budget per expense for the week which is a great way for me to keep track of my spending habits. 
The app shows you how much you have available in your bank accounts, student loans, etc...
I know exactly how much student debt I have and how many bills I have to pay as well as how much money I have left per expense so I don't go over budget and when I do go over my budget, the app shows me just how much I went over and if it is necessary for me to adjust my spending or my budget I can do that on the app too. I absolutely LOVE this app! It also sends you notifications! How awesome is that? I can keep track of how broke I am via Student Debt and also see how much money I have left via my bank accounts.

Another app that I've just recently uploaded is called Expensify which has many options to get myself organized. They have great options for people who buy things for work and need to get reimbursed for the purchase via their reports options. The app also has a Trips option which lets you see your flight status and alerts you, it has a quick itinerary overview and auto-created expenses for your trip. That's great in case I start traveling soon and need to keep track of my travel expenses which is important to me because I spend wayyyy too much money, carelessly, when I travel. Another option, which is my favorite, the app lets you take pictures of your receipts! That's PERFECT for me! I am a receipt hoarder! So this is the best thing ever for a receipt hoarder!!! Receipt Hoarder NO MORE ! I'm excited!

I'm still a loyal user of RetailMeNot -- I think this app is great! I've heard of another app called Coupon Sherpa which I haven't used yet ! But RetailMeNot hasn't disappointed me yet, it's saved me a lot of money! It shows me what's on sale online and in-store however I feel as though many more of my favorite stores should be part of the app and I also feel like more stores should have discounts as much as possible because living in NYC is too expensive as it is!!!

The KeyRing app has seriously helped me on so many occasions for one, having ADHD means forgetting your keys. So whenever I forget either my keys or my phone at home, I know that I have my "key-rings" available with either one and if I forget both which has happened before... Then I'm just... I hate ADHD. But when I do bring either one I save so much money! 

Other ways that I save money are:

- Grocery Lists: when you go grocery shopping without any plans or a list, you tend to spend recklessly and then you forget about buying the things that you've originally went to the store to buy in the first place.

Recycling: There are many ways in which you can recycle: 

  • Visit your local thrift shop and donate, some places even give you a receipt which you can use for your taxes and when you give that receipt to your accountant or tax preparer you can get reimbursed if completed properly
  • Trade-In Store Events, some stores have trade-ins it is a great way to recycle your item and get a discount for it but sometimes it isn't worth it if you can just exchange it within a community or sell it for example, my son's car seat is too small for him and babies r us is having a huge trade in this week until february, the event is great but I'm not interested in giving up my almost $300 Maxi-Cosi car seat for a 25% off coupon. THANKS but, NO THANKS!
  • Swap-Parties: Get your friends together and swap your clothes with other! I know you have piles and piles of clothing lying around in your closet which you remind yourself that you will wear someday but end up never wearing it five years later and then it just sits around in your closet collecting dust or you eventually convince yourself that it's time to throw it out... five years later.

If you have any ideas or tips you'd like to share please comment below!

Happy Saturday! 
x o
Amela Sandra

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